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Rami Kashou was attacked at a nightclub late last night.

Rumor has it that someone chucked a bottle at his head and he got pretty roughed up.

I’m curious to see if this is the work of a homophobic coward; an idiot who hates reality-TV; or Sweet P.

PS: Yes, the title of this post is a play on the fact that Kashou sounds like cashew and assaulted sounds like salt. Eat it.

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1. Tim Gunn had this to say about this season’s crop of contestants, “They’re from different parts of the country and their personalities are so potent that I’m exhausted when I leave them.” Translation? These people are annoying as fuck.

2. Didn’t this show just go off? It seems like I just made a Christian Siriano joke yesterday.

3. Because Bravo is deeming it so. Sore losers? Heck yes.

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Just in time for the conclusion of Pride Month, Bravo made a little TV history and ran the first lube commercial targeted at the gay community.

If you missed the spots when they ran on Monday night, you can check them out here.

The commercials aren’t that amazing but it’s still a nice step forward. And who’s the ad genius who thought of Boy Butter? They’re going to make a killing.

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The cast for Bravo’s next shitshow, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was announced yesterday. I’ve never been a fan of the Real Housewives series but at least this time Bravo figured out that people of color can be wealthy bitches too.

This is change I can believe in.

Learn more about the cast here…if that’s what you’re into.

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I caught the first annual Bravo A-List Awards tonight. It was flamboyant, funny, a little yuppie and full of advertisements…basically it was like every other Bravo show ever.

Kathy Griffin hosted, but even on an award show that no one’s really taking seriously, she didn’t get to cut loose. The crowd (surprisingly B-List considering the occasion) didn’t seem to get a lot of the jokes.

The awards were a little confusing. They weren’t necessarily awards for Bravo shows, TV shows or entertainment in general. They gave out awards for A-List designers, restaurants, best ass, and a few acting awards. It’s like they picked out some categories from a be-dazzled hat and decided to run with it. It was an hour and a half episode of Stuff White People Like.

The only upside to so many random awards is that some folks who don’t usually get nominated for anything walked away with wins. Three cheers for Dana Delaney (Desperate Housewives) and Rainn Wilson (The Office) who finally got the credit they deserved.

So what’s my five word review of tonight’s show:

Meh. Better than Housewives re-runs.

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After a shocking dismissal of my favorite chef Antonia last week, I am not as excited for tonight’s Top Chef season finale. Stephanie wins everything (yet still seems surprisingly modest and grateful) so if she eeks it out it’s no surprise. Richard is also an innovative and talented chef. He may have dropped the ball these past few weeks but came back strong in part one of the finale. Though I have a feeling that car was a nice second place gesture.

I think the folks over at Bravo want a lady Top Chef. There’s never been one, and I think the producers are getting restless. Tiffani and Casey came close but both just couldn’t stack up against some amazing technically masterful chefs. This time, Stephanie meets or exceeds Richard in a lot of areas. If ever there was a good shot for the women, this is it.

You may be thinking, “What about Lisa?”Lisa is a walking disaster who’s been in the bottom too many times to count..okay 6 times. Her food doesn’t look appetizing (and since she’s only won one challenge, it must not taste too appetizing either), she has a bad attitude, she’s always on the defensive and now she has a greasy looking hair cut…plus she hates bloggers. Shocking! If she managed to win this show, Top Chef would lose all of its credibility.

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Set your Tivos folks: Michelle Obama, wife of presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, is guest hosting The View on June 18.

She was originally offered to come on as a guest but she insisted on serving as a co-host just like Cindy McCain did in April.

No guests are scheduled just yet. Michelle is kind of a fashion plate so I’d like to see a fun designer or a successful model. Heidi Klum might be a good match. Since Project Runway returns to the airwaves in a few weeks, her appearance would be pretty timely.

It might also be fun to do a teaching segment. Let’s see her cook something, make a craft with her kids, or salsa dance. She seems like a carefree lady and that might be a good piece that shows she can still cut loose….in case that dap she gave her husband last night didn’t convince everybody.

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It’s Wednesday. How are you celebrating?

  • The Real World is shooting in Brooklyn for its 21st season. In case you’re counting, this is the 3rd time they’ll be in New York. I wrote a post about this for my other blog but let me just say this: Really? Three times in NYC? There’s no other place in the worth checking out? In this entire country? Really?
  • My favorite chef got voted off Top Chef tonight. I miss his wily antics already.
  • In other chef show news, Hell’s Kitchen saw its highest ratings ever last night thanks to a lead-in from the Idol final 3. They did a blind taste test last night to test out their palattes. This is a similar to a recent quickfire on Top Chef. The only difference? When the highly trained, near-expert chefs on Bravo were distinguishing between expensive and cheap olive oil, the cooks on Hells Kitchen were just trying to recognize chicken. Not free-range, nothing special. Here’s a forkful of something, what is it? Chicken. The best part? The woman got it wrong. Thank heavens the show is entertaining because these people can’t cook.

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Bravo’s new reality game show, Better Half, isn’t going to work. The show pits two couples against each other. It’s best described in letters. Couple 1 = A&B Couple 2 = C&D

A & C are both experts (In this episode, they are both chefs)
Their job is to teach their spouse or girl/boyfriend how to cook.
B&D then compete against each other. (Each of them is cooking for 20 people)
A panel of judges decide which person is the “Better Half.” How punny!

Unless Bob Eubanks is hosting, game shows about couples don’t last. Even funny shows with built in tension won’t make the cut. Anyone remember the show Things I Hate About You? That’s what I thought.
BH has potential, but the good stuff is lost in Susie Essman’s (Jeff’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm) color commentary. We’re watching all of the ” Now do you see what I go through?” moments and then it cuts to her blabbing about scrambled eggs. She’s too funny to be a host/moderator on a show like this. I’d rather have the participants talk to a camera in a “confessional” set-up. Their sentiments would be a little less filtered.

I want this to work out, but if you want to see Better Half, I’d get in on it before it makes the leap to webisodes.

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