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I’ve been a longtime fan of Bravo’s, Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. I even adore Will Ferrel’s flawless SNL impression of Lipton. The show dives, intrusively, into the minds’ and life stories’ of some of the world’s finest actors and actresses. Lipton, a knowledgable and somewhat bizarre host, manages to extract seemingly every detail from his guests lives and crafts.

Daniel Radcliffe

HP's all grown UP!

Just last night I was surfing past episodes on youtube and I came across the episode with Daniel Radcliffe, the young British star of Harry Potter. At first I was very skeptical, I thought, “Okay, he’s HP and that’s pretty big. He was brilliant on Extras. But what else? December Boys was possibly the most boring experience of my life and I know that horse play is suuuper creepy.” But it was watch the show or crack open my Africa Studies Course Reader. The choice was obvious.

My skepticism dissolved approximately 15 seconds after Radcliffe opened his charming mouth. Humble, witty, sociable, and decently smart (note his question on “Napolean”), the young actor is an ideal guest for the show. He has an interesting beginning, which is often the case with the finer guests, and more importantly he knows how to please the viewers. I was captivated by his stories, by how he managed to create a craft from the beginning through today, and obviously by his accent. I expect great performances in the future!

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Marry: Bobby Moynihan

Bobby is one of the new fellas on SNL this season. Though he may get lost in the testosterone shuffle over at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, he really stood out on last night’s ep. His Snagglepuss impression was spot on (Heavens to Mergatroid!) but he finally earned his wings after last night’s dancer sketch with Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

Bop: Jeff Probst

After the Probster won the first ever Reality TV hosting Emmy this fall, I vowed to give Survivor another shot. Not only has this season kept me entertained but Jeff Probst has yet to disappoint. His best work is actually offscreen. He blogs about every episode for Entertainment Weekly and his entries provide key insight in to the game, and his psyche. Turns out Jeff Probst is a pretty funny dude. One of those guys I wish I were friends with.

Kill: The Euro Duo on Top Chef

Did you catch the season premiere of Top Chef on Wednesday? It had some nice twists right off the bat! Getting rid of someone before they even make it to the Top Chef Kitchens?? Ballsy. But my two least favorite chefs are the Euro Duo. We get it, you’re exotic, you’re supposedly amazing, blah, blah, blah. It all getting to be too much. I’m already sick of Stefan’s attitude and that elimination win won’t help matters too much. You know you’re ego’s bad when you’re too big for American reality TV.

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The first major TV casualties of the fall 2008 season are over at the peacock. Say so long to My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle.

I saw about ten minutes of My Own Worst Enemy and it was really confusing so that’s not too much of a shocker but I thought Lipstick Jungle was doing a bit better. You know what probably did them in? That Project Runway tie-in. That dress just wasn’t primetime material.  Darn you Keith!

Either way, this leaves room for some new blood.

Sidenote: With the cancellation, maybe Kim Raver will have the time to come back to 24. (Jack needs you Audrey!)

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Prepare yourselves for a little epic TV tomorrow night when comedian Dave Chappelle trades seats with James Lipton for the 200th episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio.

Lipton will finally get his chance in the hot seat and who better to ask that stack of questions than Chappelle? It’s going to be a night of good humor, lots of clips, memories and probably some pretty cool insights from a man who’s seen and met pretty all of the Hollywood heavyweights.

I can’t wait to hear what his favorite swear word is.

The two-hour season premiere/200th episode airs Monday night on Bravo at 8/7c.

PS: Anyone else remember when all Bravo had was this show and weird Cirque de Soleil specials? Thank heavens for Queer Eye right?

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Post-Election Day High Edition! Let’s keep it short.

  • Sad news first: Michael Crichton, blockbluster author of books like Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain lost his battle with cancer today at the age of 66. Crichton contributed to television as the creator of ER. He based the series off of his own experience as a medical resident.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s concession speech on The View this morning wasn’t as sincere as John McCain’s but I applaud her good sportsmanship. Sherri Shepard got a bit emotional but then again…who didn’t?
  • Big Love is starting again in January. It’s been close to 16 months since the show aired thanks to the Writer’s Strike. Did you forget what’s going on? Want to get in on the last solid drama HBO has? Check out this four minute catch-up video.
  • Joe Mande is a hilarious comedian/blogger. He plays a little game every week where he mashes up the first and last lines of Andy Rooney’s old man rant on 60 Minutes. This week’s was especially funny.
  • Bravo is gearing up for another season of Top Chef. Say hello to the fresh meat…the new chefs that is.
  • I can’t stand Nancy Grace, but gosh her babies are cute.

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Bravo recently began the new reality TV series, “The Rachel Zoe Project.” The show follows A list celebrity stylist and fashion semi-icon Rachel Zoe through her daily routine. Only two episodes have aired and I am completely and utterly obsessed.

Along with a slew of hilarious catch-phrases and crazy antics, Zoe provides an insider look into the world of celebrity fashion. More importantly though she provides a fairly raw look at her own life, at her work style, her goals and her personal relationships.


I’ve found the show to be more than amusing as the real life characters are seemingly unreal. Taylor and Brad, Rachel’s styling associates and absolutely hysterical. Bizarrely, I do know people like this, however it’s hilarious to watch these characters live on TV and in a different context. I can’t wait for more episodes to come!

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Top Chef Season 2 runner-up Marcel “Giant Head/Bigger Ego” Vigneron was arrested and thrown in the clink on Saturday for a DUI.

Marcel posted the $2,500 bail and even managed to make it to a benefit event on Sunday.

Keep your nose out of the cooking sherry little buddy.

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Speaking of shows coming to life, the folks at Top Chef are doing some cooking demonstrations, and sharing some show insights as a part of Top Chef: The Tour. The event stops in 20 cities across the country and admission to the hour-long sessions are free.

Different chefs appear in each stop. Detroit was fortunate enough to get my favorite unstable, Ginger-headed cook, Andrew. Madison will have to settle for a visit from Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and Season 3’s Dale Levitsky (or as I like to call him, the Dale everyone liked)

Click here for all the details on the tour itself. If you want to see the chefs when they stop in Madison next week, check out the pertinent info here.

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So I have a few TV tidbits on my mind. Let’s dish.

  • Despite the fact that the designers are more annoying than a giant tag on a t-shirt, it’s wretched timeslot and the fact that Bravo is trying to run it into the ground, the 5th season of Project Runway is boasting an 18% boost in total viewers compared to last season. WTF? Suede probably fucking loves this. How do I know? He told me: “Suede loves this news.” Third person is about as appealing as the Clap.
  • Yesterday I Tivoed the entire season of The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Before you take my DVR privileges away from me, hear me out. Okay, you know what, never mind. The show is pretty shitty. Unlike its network counterpart Greek, the show isn’t funny, the drama seems contrived, most of the acting sucks (newcomer Shailene Woodley is one of the exceptions). Why do I watch? The commercials look appealing and I am curious to see how ABC Family plays this. Will she keep the baby? Will she keep dating this do-gooder Ben? Will the baby always be the focus of the show? It’s like getting involved in Lost; if I’m not in on the ground floor I will never be able to catch up.

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I learned about the term “gastrosexuals” a few weeks back. Definition? A hot guy who cooks.

And there was no better place to find (and ogle) these fellas than the Top Chef kitchens. My gastrosexual of choice is Sam Talbot from Top Chef season two. So classy, so laid back, and his food (and sexy hair) made my mouth water.

Then, my heart sank faster than a weak souffle. Sam is engaged. And it gets worse. She designs funky t-shirts. She is a gorgeous Columbian woman. Oh and she models on the side too. And they just met in December 2007.

I’m happy for you Sam. But I hope you’ll always wonder what could’ve been. I know I will.

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This is kind of an interesting tidbit:

Fashionista and resident cliche abuser Tim Gunn, worked for free on the first season of Project Runway. True story! He didn’t earn one nickel for shelling out all of that advice, introducing the challenges, or breaking up fights between Wendy and Kara Saun, etc.

To the credit of the money-hungry producers, Tim Gunn had a real day-job as the chair of the Fashion department at the New School. And who knew the show would take off like it did?

During season two he earned $2,500 an episode, a siginificant increase but a paltry sum by reality show standards.

But I’m sure there’s no love lost between Gunn and the Weinstein folks. He’s parlayed a moonlighting gig into a book deal, spin-off TV show, and a cushy exec job at Liz Claiborne.

Oh, and since Bravo is done trying to get you to watch Project Runway, don’t forget that it’s on tonight at 9/8 central.

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Got a spare $520 burning a whole in your cashmere lined pockets?

Then this puffy shirt can be yours. You saw how well it worked for Seinfeld.

Wanna guess who designed it? Your favorite designer and mine, Mr. Christian Siriano.

His first collection is for sale on Bluefly and most of the pieces already sold out.

It’s pretty solid and the stuff looks like a lot of the work he did on the show; sharp, tailored, black.

It’s nice to see he’s doing so well so soon. What have you been up to Jay McCarroll?

Photo: Bluefly.com

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