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The “Seriously Adam Lambert? Really?” Edition

  • Speaking of which, Scandalist put together 5 covers of “Ring of Fire” better than his last night.
  • In other Idol chatter, check out some of Paula Abdul’s “poetry.” I thought she’d gone of the deep end this year but it turns out she’s always been this way.
  • Seth Rogen may host SNL in April. Sweet! BTW did you catch SNL on Saturday? Tracy Morgan did a great job and we saw the triumphant return of Astronaut Jones. No new clip, I’m making do with the old ones.
  • Guess who signed on to do a cameo on The Cleveland Show? Sir Kanye!
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Scanwiches I’ve yet to meet a food Tumblr I didn’t like.

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This is the biggest week in edubTV history. To whoever is coming to this blog (it’s actually a lot of folks looking for Lauren Graham pics…awkward) thanks! On to the updates.

  • Big Love is totally wonderful this season and I’m loving it even more now that HBO isn’t backing down from LDS. Turns out they’re stepping on some pretty big-name toes in the Mormon community.
  • Anything involving Jason Bateman and Will Arnett will probably end up on my DVD rack. This viral video is doing wonders for their new show Sit Down, Shut Up.
  • Another internship for you in the TV industry, this time at the Travel Channel.
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Bad Paintings of Barack Obama. Keep refreshing the page for some real gems. Some of these people needed to hear, “No, you can’t.”

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Hip-hip hooray, time to get going. My online jeopardy audition is in 40 minutes.

  • Speaking of long-running game shows, Pat Sajak is kind of repulsed by the gay couple in this clip of Wheel of Fortune.  I am now repulsed by Pat Sajak.
  • Nancy Cartwright, the voice-talent behind Bart Simpson, has been using her Bart voice to promote Scientology events. That’s probably not going to go over so well.
  • Connie Britton is one of my new favorite actresses. Dalton Ross talks to her about the new season of Friday Night Lights.
  • I am seriously on the edge of my seat for Jon Hamm on 30 Rock. This clip is tiding me over.
  • This interview with Lauren Graham made me miss Gilmore Girls a little but I’m excited for her new show on ABC.
  • The format of My Life On The D-List is changing. The next season is going to be more like a talk-show. Not sure how I feel about this just yet.
  • My favorite non-TV related link of the week: Giant Inauguration Picture! Zoom in and out, it’s awesome. I think Clarence Thomas is sleeping.

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I’m in DC for the Inauguration! Here are the awesome TV related sightings I’ve had so far:

  • Staying at a friend’s house. His roomate saw Kevin Nealon at Lucky Bar. No details on Weeds.
  • Lots of camera crews around. Walked past the MSNBC mobile studio. Waved excessively.
  • Went to the  *finally finished* American History Museum after a 10-year wait. (Long story) Saw Kermit the Frog, the Puffy Shirt, Steven Colbert’s portrait, an exhibit about television and the Vietnam war,  and a striking Abe Lincoln impersonator
  • Remember Spike from last season of Top Chef? He runs a super burger joint right by Capitol Hill. Had a delicious burger there and saw Spike cooking up burgers on the line.

Back at home for Inauguration? You can watch all the action on HBO, online at Hulu or just pick your favorite news source.

I may not be back in the blogging swing of things until next week but I’ll try to keep updating the Twitter.

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So before we get to the HDU, anyone have thoughts on Idol? I wanted to put all of my eggs into Super Deep Voice Guy’s basket. He had the perfect combination of no skills, a gimmick, and complete delusion. I miss him already.  (I promise to find a clip for those of you who missed it!)

In terms of the contenders I liked the geeky kid from Studio City, Stevie Wright and Scott MacIntyre, the blind guy. The first two could sneak their way into a top 36 (24? Whatever it is these days) but I’m not holding my breath. Scott has a great voice but it could be an acquired taste. I look forward to seeing him sing an uptempo song.

Now on to the updates!

  • Prison Break is ending its run this season. How are they going to finally take down the company in six episodes? These final installments may be the best ones yet.
  • Speaking of Presidents, here’s what Barack’s cabinet would look like if it were filled with TV stars. (Thanks Adam!)
  • Guess who’s singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? Jennifer Hudson! In case you’re counting, this is the second year in a row an American Idol alum’s been in charge of the anthem.
  • And finally my favorite non-TV related link of the week: White Whine – A New White Person Complaint Daily

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President-Elect Obama approached Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the Surgeon General position. I don’t know much about politics and I know even less about medicine but from where I’m sitting this is the best decision Obama’s made so far.

For better or worse Gupta is already doing the job of the Surgeon General. According to a highly credible source Wikipedia the SG’s job is to “serve as the leading spokesperson on matters of public health.” The only other doctor people look to or trust more than Sanjay Gupta is WebMD. He’s personable, always professional, worldly, and able to approach our health challenges from multiple perspectives. Plus he’s friends with Anderson Cooper. We could’ve started and ended the list right there.

Three cheers for physicians turned TV correspondents turned political figures! You’re on deck Dr. Drew.

Photo: http://cache.daylife.com/

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Ahh, it’s been an extremely busy TV newsday. Let’s get crackin’!

  • In blood curdling news, an obsessive Dexter fan in Canada wrote a spooky screenplay about catching an adulterer online and killing him with a chainsaw. Turns out, he might’ve acted out the fantasy. Scary, scary stuff.
  • Everyone’s favorite temp turned corporate big-wig turned jailbird turned receptionist is leaving Dunder Mifflin for awhile. BJ Novak is taking a leave of absence from The Office to be in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie. Rumor has it he may leave the show for good.
  • SNL is welcoming two new ladies to the cast! One of them is only 21. Cue my quarter-life crisis.
  • A former American Idol auditioner and Paula Abdul devotee was found dead in a car outside Abdul’s home, the victim of an apparent suicide.
  • Paulie Walnuts released his own cologne. Apparently it smells like my grandpa.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is working with HBO to make Scar Tissue, a series based on his childhood. Everyone get your Californication jokes in the hopper because once this news hits it big, there’s going to be some zingers.
  • Ted Turner is a foxy, crazy old man.
  • My Google Reader suggested this blog. Apparently it thought that since I seem to like TV so much, I would be interested in this too. For your consideration, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Bacon Today.

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Marry: Oprah

If this week confirmed anything for me it’s that anything Oprah touches, turns to gold…even things that were pretty awesome to begin with. From sobbing on Mr. Man’s shoulder during Obama’s rally in Grant Park to her wickedly wonderful guest spot on 30 Rock, Oprah’s been adding a little bit of magic to everything these days.

Bop: Jason O’Mara, of Life on Mars

Are you not watching Life on Mars? The cop-drama, the intrigue, the 70’s, it’s really a unique program. This week’s episode was no exception thanks to Mars lead Jason O’Mara. O’Mara’s character Sam and his partner are investigating a murder when they’re kidnapped by a reckless version of the Black Panthers. Sam runs his mouth and uses a little quick thinking to get out of it. Oh and if you didn’t know, Sam was hit by a car in 2008 and woke up in 1973…and roll scene:

Kill: Miguel Prado, Dexter

Jimmy Smits is doing an excellent job playing hardnosed Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado on Dexter this season but frankly, Prado is starting to get on my nerves. He’s all up in Dexter’s business, he doesn’t know the rules about killing people, and he asks way too many questions. He’s basically an annoying kid brother and the last thing a serial killer needs is a tag-along that can’t keep up. He may be Dex’s “first true friend” but he’s getting in the way of a good storyline and some good hack-jobs. It’s time to cut him loose!

Photo: The Remote Island

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The New York Times ran an interesting article yesterday about the parallels between seasons 6 and 7 of the popular NBC drama and our current election.

Some of the parallels are  Sen. Obama is eerily similar to Matt Santos (played by Jimmy Smits), the 40-something idealist up and coming Latino Congressman, with two young children who refuses to be labeled as the “brown candidate.” And like John McCain, the right-wing base on The West Wing isn’t so sure Republican challenger Arnold Vinick (played by Alan Alda)  is conservative enough to take home the election.

Some of the similarities aren’t coincidental. Barack Obama was just becoming a bright spot on the political map when season 6 began and Wing writer Eli Attie admits to loosely crafting Santos after him. However, no one would have guessed the Phillies would be playing in the World Series in a fictional election year, and a real one.

Wacky stuff huh? You can read the whole piece here.

And for those of you who didn’t watch the West Wing, that young, idealist, Congressman wins.

Image: http://msnbcmedia3.msn.com

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Another Wednesday, another batch of updates.

  • Eric Mabius’ wife looks like she’s about to explode…with babies.
  • As far as crappy rap parodies with low-production values go, this one is pretty boss.
  • Speaking of HBO, did you see Entourage on Sunday? It turns out Turtle (Jerry Ferrera) and Jamie Lynn Sigler are an item in real-life. Adorbs!
  • Lauren Graham, formerly of Gilmore Girls fame is making a jump to the great white way. Graham will make her Broadway debut in the highly anticipated revival of Guys and Dolls. Didn’t know she could sing? This YouTube believer never had any doubt.
  • Christmas is coming. Wanna get me a gift? Make me a Muppet damnit!
  • Get your cringe-on: Larry David’s coming back for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • My favorite non-TV related link of the week: Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Who knew the economy was so funny?
  • And if you don’t have cable, you probably had a hard time finding something to watch at the 8/7C hour. Barack took over the airwaves (except ABC, who knew they’d fight for Pushing Daisies so hard?) and delivered his message straight to the American people for a good half hour. If you missed it on the air, you can watch it below. I teared up at the end. Don’t forget to vote people.

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Hey gang! Brother bear got to blog last night which means I am full of things I missed from yesterday. We missed the hump day update, but let’s just call it that for old times sake. This will be the last one for edubTV 1.0. Single tear.

  • Former Queer as Folk star and current Desperate Housewives man-candy Gale Harold is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident a few days ago. Reports show he is steadily improving but he is far from out of the woods. Harold’s character has a large role in an upcoming episode involving a nightclub fire. The ep is being shot this week and EP Marc Cherry said it will need to be changed a bit. Hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery.
  • Have you taken the NY Post Television Aptitude tests? I scored perfect on the comedy edition and did just-ok on the drama. Feel free to leave your score in the comments.
  • Finally those Gossip Girl kids get something right. This faux-PSA about the election starring Blake Lively and Penn Badgely is right on the money. It’s executed much better than that whole “Don’t Vote” mumbo-jumbo.
  • Diablo Cody, Steven Spielberg, Toni Collette and John Corbett teamed up to make a TV show. The result? What looks like another hit for Showtime. The first look is finally available online. And sidenote, boy am I glad John Corbett is back on TV. He is one charming fella.

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Barack Obama shelled out some major bucks and purchased a half hour of airtime on CBS and NBC to run a half-hour infomercial on his campaign, his life, etc. The special will run on Wednesday, October 29.

This is a really expensive venture (each slot costs about $2 Mil) and rumor has it he may have enough money in the coffer to buy time on Fox and ABC too.

But the best news of the night? Obama’s special will pre-empt Jay Mohr’s latest shitshow Gary Unmarried. Womp, Womp.

Photo: http://www.rockunion.ie/

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