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I have nothing against Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert. They seem like swell guys, and for the first time in several Idol seasons, the Top 3 are all pretty talented performers.

But something hit me tonight: I’m a little bit over Adam Lambert. He’s got a killer “rock voice” so to speak, but the screeching is just getting old. Ya know what he reminds me of? That band, The Darkness. Remember them? They sang, “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” The glam style, the voice, the over-the-top performances, but they kind of got old. Can you imagine listening to an entire album of Adam’s? Oh gees  I think I would crumble under the redundancy.

Now the musical taste is just this woman’s opinion, but I have another reason not to support Mr. Lambert tonight: He’ll do better on his own. He needs to be able to make a signature “Adam” album with strong producers and a label that can market him effectively. The folks at American Idol may not be able to do that. He has the talent to work with the best and he needs to find them. He won’t be able to once he’s locked in.

And Gokey has some nice pipes too. Maybe not my cup of tea but like Lambert,  I can understand the appeal. I think for a church boy out of Milwaukee, second place would be a pretty awesome finish. I hope he records a solid pop album and also has the freedom to get back to his roots and do gospel music, as it seems to suit his voice and his interests. Do I see him winning the competition? Not this one, but I think he might’ve pulled it off in a different season.

I’m throwing my three phone in votes behind Kris Allen tonight. He’s nothing too special, just a easy-on-the-eyes white guy with a strong voice, however, I think he’s the perfect “winner” for this show. He’s a marketer’s dream, his music will be radio friendly, Mom’s like him, teen girls want to hang him on the wall, and without this competition his music might have been relegated to coffee shops or the occasional birthday serenade for his wife. If the show is looking for an amateur to become a star, then I think they found him.

All that being said, I think it will be a great finale regardless of the results tomorrow. It’s nice to seem some stiff competition this close to the end.


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It’s Wednesday. Paula Abdul is performing on the Idol Stage. Hilarious. Pyrotecnics were involved.

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I’m on an American Idol high right now. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say history was made tonight, and I am thankful. This show keeps finding ways to keep me coming back. Some ways are easier on the eyes than others.

Let’s get to it!

  • Someone finally had the brillz idea of remaking the Golden Girls...in Turkey no less. Now not only do they have delicious kabobs, but a foreign version of Blanche. Can life get any better?
  • When you’re the kind of guy who makes his own Kenny Powers jersey, getting arrested was sort of bound to happen. And sidenote: Eastbound & Down got picked up for another season. Fuckin’ right!
  • Speaking A-List, the 2nd Annual A-List Awards are on tonight. They’re essentially a 90 minute commercial for Bravo, but I might watch just for Kathy Griffin. Her special tonight was aces!
  • Guess where season 8 of 24 is taking place? Memphis! I kid, it’s New York. But wouldn’t it be a lot funnier in Memphis? He’d have to deal with a slower pace of life, and he’d have to learn how to shoot a gun with BBQ hands.
  • Nadya Suleman may have made her best decision yet. She is getting a TV deal, but it’s going to be documentary style instead of a reality show. Cameras will follow her family just six times a year instead of constantly. They’re going to follow the family until the kids are 18. In the spirit of full disclosure: I will have a hard time not watching these specials…every single time.
  • Everyone’s favorite Governor, Rod Blagojevich is headed to jungle…for a reality show. That was a mighty fast plummet.
  • And my non-TV related Link of the Week: Rainn Wilson twittered about this band like an hour agao and I’m already into them. It’s Balthrop, Alabama everybody. Prepare to fall in love with Pop music again.

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The “Seriously Adam Lambert? Really?” Edition

  • Speaking of which, Scandalist put together 5 covers of “Ring of Fire” better than his last night.
  • In other Idol chatter, check out some of Paula Abdul’s “poetry.” I thought she’d gone of the deep end this year but it turns out she’s always been this way.
  • Seth Rogen may host SNL in April. Sweet! BTW did you catch SNL on Saturday? Tracy Morgan did a great job and we saw the triumphant return of Astronaut Jones. No new clip, I’m making do with the old ones.
  • Guess who signed on to do a cameo on The Cleveland Show? Sir Kanye!
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Scanwiches I’ve yet to meet a food Tumblr I didn’t like.

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According to Reality Blurred, American Idol may finally take a dramatic shift for the better. Beginning this season, the judges may be given veto power.  They may have one opportunity to overrule the audience vote to save a contestant from elimination.

Idol producer Ken Warwick spoke with Seacrest on his radio show to discuss a new format revaled tonight. He was pretty mum on the details but his clues were enough for a little sleuthing.

“We’ve talked about doing something about it–in fact, we tried it in another country, to see if it would work first, we tried it in France–and it does work, so we’re going to put that to work tonight.”

Reality Blurred did a little digging and discovered the latest rule change to French Idol (awesomely called Nouvelle Star) was the veto rule.

I think this is great news. Losing the talented folks too soon has been one of the biggest problems plaguing American Idol. Imagine if Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Latoya London or anyone who went ome before Sanjaya got a second chance.

All the deets about the new format will be revealed tonight. I can’t wait. Finally a reason to watch the results show.

Now if only the producers over at Idol would take my other suggestion and allow viewers at home to cast votes against people. I would’ve been on the phone all night. 3 negative votes=1 positive vote. Now that’s a competition!

Image: CliqueClack TV

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Who had a good week? Let’s find out.

  • Celebrity Apprentice 2: CA2 was probably the funniest two hours of television I watched this week. It was unintentionally awesome. I love it when C-List celebrities (and a few heavy hitters) come together to make asses of themselves and pretend to apply business knowledge to absurd situations. Shot-out to Annie Duke and Tom Green for knowing how to work the game. It’s never about the actual challenges folks, it’s who you know in the New York area who feels like giving you $10,000.
  • Matt Giraud: I am a huge MG fan. He’s an awesome piano player, sounds a little like Justin Timberlake, hails from the Midwest and he’s easy on the eyes. I was pleased to him go through to the American Idol Top 13 this week. Step 2: Get behind a piano and stay on the show for awhile.
  • Jimmy Fallon: I didn’t think he could pull it off but his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon debut was surprisingly good. He seemed a bit tense on Monday but every episode is getting a bit better. Once he settles into a rhythm I think he’ll do well. Miss the show this week? You can catch them on Hulu. Might I suggest the episode with Tina Fey. You know who I’m a little worried about? The Roots. Their interludes left a bit to be desired. I love their music so that was disheartening. I’m holding out hope. Creating hundreds of brand new songs will wear on anyone.

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Do you realize how much good TV comes on Wednesdays? Wednesday is my new Thursday. Booya.

  • A bunch of analog stations switched over to digital yesterday ahead of the new deadline. So far the FCC is reporting very few issues. Sidenote: A kid I work with just submitted his application for a converter box. I asked him “What took you so long?” He said, “I didn’t know anything about it.” If you don’t watch enough TV to hear about the digital transition, I think it’s okay if we transition without you.
  • Amy Poehler’s new show, Parks & Recreation,  started filming today! Color me geeked! Kristin Dos Santos has an interview with the star herself.
  • Angela Kinsey (Angela from The Office) and her husband Warren Lieberstein have separated. If the name Lieberstein sounds familiar, it’s because Warren is Paul Lieberstein’s (aka Toby Flenderson) brother.
  • I think a recession era economy, novelty shoes should be the first things to go. Check out these Family Guy and Fresh Prince insprired sneakers.
  • Speaking of late night music, U2 is going to perform on Lettermanfor a straight week. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t sound appealing to me.
  • Speaking of LOST, it better watch it’s back. It’s losing viewers every week and it will have to compete with American Idol starting in March.
  • After 19 seasons The Simpsons got brand new opening titles. It’s the same general theme but we get to see a lot more of our town favorites. There’s also a few homages to past episodes in there.
  • Guess which washed up early 90’s rapper is getting a TV show? MC Hammer. I know, I was hoping for Snow too.
  • Tracy Morgan’s apartment caught fire due to a busted light in a fish tank. Surprisingly the fish were okay, as were the rest of the folks in his building.

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Two hours of Idol later and we’ve finally got our Top 36. Here are my thoughts:

  • My favorite sort of nerdy guy, Alex Wagner-Trugman made it through after a sing-off. I don’t think he’ll make it very far but he’s not half bad. He might catch a few lucky breaks.
  • Cry-Baby Emotional vocalist Nathaniel Marshall also got to stay which I sort of hate. Still don’t see the appeal in him.
  • Everyone’s favorite drama queen, Tatiana Del Toro made it through too. Womp, womp. I won’t bitch about her anymore. It’s up to America now.
  • Wack-a-doodle funnyman Nick “Norman Gentle” Mitchell made it through. This means there will be tons and tons of gimmicks next year. Joy.
  • Some other lucky folks? Anoop Desai, Michael Sarver, Casey Carlson, Mishavonna Henson, Joanna Pacitti, Adam Lambert, Stevie Wright, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Matt Brietzke, and many more. The full list will be out soon!

My frontrunners today: Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, and my main man Anoop. Can’t wait for all the fun to begin!

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The claws came out for the second night of Hollywood Week on American Idol. I’m pretty sure the producers of this show only do group night to create a little drama. Yes, the Idols perform in groups on tour and during the show, but none of those performances are ever very strong, so I don’t think their basing their decisions off of an individuals team-player or harmonizing skills. I digress.

Tonight was rife with ridiculousness. The contestants broke into groups to learn a song and put together a dance. Here’s what I don’t get: Are people forgetting the words because they’re nervous, or because they don’t know the song? If the answer is the latter, why did they pick that song in the first place? To anyone every on American Idol, my advice to you: Don’t pick a song you actually have to learn.

Our very contestants were back and we got to see a few folks we hadn’t heard from since auditions. Here are my thoughts:

  • When I saw who was in Rose Flack’s group, I wrote down ” Worst group of all time.” Not in general, but for her. I’m surprised those ladies found each other in the first place. After Katrina Darrell called it an early night and stopped practicing, it only sealed the deal. Watching Rose flail around on stage, forgetting the words was a little heartbreaking. Watching Katrina get the boot totally made up for it though.
  • Tatiana wins the award for most annoying Idol contestant tonight. She has famewhore oozing from her pores. Her personality is atrocious so far and if she gets through to the top 36 on her voice (which she very well could) then I think America will give her the heave-ho on attitude.
  • One awesome moment: Nearly blind singer Scott MacIntyre was totally keeping up with his group’s choreography. I now have no excuse as to why I can’t dance. We still haven’t seen Scott sing since auditions. Hopefully he’ll get a shot-out next week.
  • Nathaniel Marshall brought the dramz again tonight. This guy cries at the drop of a hat. He didn’t impress me with his voice (again) but he managed to get through to the next round (again)! There must be something I’m not hearing. Speaking of which, despite the fact that he did a decent job with his group performance tonight, I’m officially off the Danny Gokey bandwagon. Not a bad musician by any means, just not my cup of tea.
  • One bright spot for the night was Matt Giraud, the dueling piano player. He was pretty solid in auditions and his group, White Chocolate, did a great job tonight. Why is it one group always seems like they had several hours more than the others?

75 survived the second round of auditions. We’ve got more Hollywood next week when the group will be whittled down to the final 36. Can’t wait to see those last, desperate, solo performances.

Image: http://www.daemonstv.com/

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I woke up today super tired. All I could think about was,” Thank heavens it’s Hump Day Update Day.” I love rounding up this stuff.

  • Need to send an e-card to your girl crush/friend who loves popular cable news ladies? Try these Rachel Maddow e-cards out for size.
  • So my birthday is now less than 6 months away. Add this to your shopping list: Mad Men bobblehead dolls! Though I do have to admit, the Joan Holloway doll looks strikingly like Marcia Cross.
  • Gawker’s got the scoop on all of the new pilots the networks just bought. Read all about the shows that will be vying for your eyeballs very soon. I’m pretty optimistic, some of them sound like keepers.
  • SNL got $3 Million bucks to license out MacGruber to Pepsi for their Super Bowl spot! I wish it could’ve been funnier.
  • Kerr Smith (best remembered as Jack from Dawson’s Creek) is not aging well. Sad.
  • According to a judge in Brazil, TV is an essential good. It’s about time someone else got on board my political platform.
  • My Favorite Non-TV Related Link: Swagbucks! It’s a search engine with the power of Google and Ask.com…and you win prizes!

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My first LOL moment of the night came courtesy of Seacrest. “A test of courage, a test of stamina and strength.” Really Seacrest? It’s Hollywood Week. It’s challenging and overwhelming but it’s not exactly Basic Training.

So tonight we caught a glimpse of the 147 singers who made it through to Hollywood. Prior to taking the stage to sing accapella, the contestants got a chance to go through Idol Boot Camp. What a neat idea. Even if you get kicked out after Day 1, at least you can tell your friends you heard Barry Manilow give a motivational speech.

Here are some of my thoughts on the folks who got through tonight.

  • Lil Rounds, 23 – Lil is far and away one of the best female vocalists I’ve heard so far. I think I liked her audition performance a little better though. Tonight’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” seemed a little out of control at times. Still amazing though!
  • Nathaniel Marshall – He had my second LOL moment of the night. He finished singing then started crying and blubbering a bit on stage. ” I want this more than anything. It’s on my skin like it just bursts out of me every time I’m on stage and I don’t know why.”   He wasn’t an amazing singer and I’m a little surprised he got through to the next round of Hollywood Week. Maybe his sob story worked on the judges. I’ll have to give him another look on Night 2.
  • Anoop Desai, 21 – I love Anoop. He is a great vocalist and he seems like a really genuine guy. I am excited to see how far he goes in the competition. I’m worried he may not have enough star power.
  • Rose Flack, 16 – Her voice and style are really unique but I’m not sold just yet. I don’t think I’d buy a CD of her music, but then again, as long as millions of others would, it doesn’t matter.
  • Jorge Nunez, 20 – Jorge has a huge voice! He’s really a pleasure to listen to and I see him going places after the show, Top 36 or not. His crossover appeal is off the charts. I loved the song he sang in Spanish during the audition and hopefully he’ll get to incorporate that into his future performances.
  • Von Smith, 22 – Giant mouth. Okay voice. I see him in musical theater, he’s very dramatic.
  • Danny Gokey, 28 – Danny is one of those guys that can go either way. He’s got a nice voice (loved that he sang “Kiss From A Rose”) but I need to hear him sing a few more times before I can tell if I like him or not. Lucky for Danny, he’s got the friend angle, the sob story and the fact that Paula loves him on his side. (Sidenote: When I heard him sing the first time I thought, “His voice sounds like it would be a good match for Christian rock.” Turns out he’s a church music teacher. It was a borderline ESP moment)
  • Katrina Darrell, 20 – I wouldn’t have put Katrina through back at the first audition so color me stunned when she got through to round 2 of Hollywood Week. She’s gorgeous and I’m sure she’s a great model, but as a singer I was unimpressed given the level of talent present.
  • Erika Wesley, 26 – So Erika didn’t make it through but I had a few things to say. 1. Shes an FBI Agent which is totally bad ass. 2. When she started pleading for another chance after she didn’t make it through, I thought she was going to go rogue and start torturing the judges Jack Bauer style. That would’ve been a much better way to go down swinging than just begging and telling them it’s your husband’s birthday.

Anyone else have picks or early opinions from tonight? I think this season has a lot of potential, there are some real talents out there. I’m amped for Night 2: Group singing. Bring on the tears!

Image: http://www.enjoyfrance.com/

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It’s the weekend! Bickety-Bam! I started today in a good mood. I listened to Ace of Base on my walk to work. Then I watched this clip when I got there. Fantasia nailed it. That little outfit…not so much.

Later I watched this video for the 10,000th time. Never fails to make me smile.

Then I topped it all off with some gnocchi and an episode of Damages. Best beginning of the weekend ever.

Have a good one folks!

(Hat tip to Jezebel and Scanner)

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