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So I have a few TV tidbits on my mind. Let’s dish.

  • Despite the fact that the designers are more annoying than a giant tag on a t-shirt, it’s wretched timeslot and the fact that Bravo is trying to run it into the ground, the 5th season of Project Runway is boasting an 18% boost in total viewers compared to last season. WTF? Suede probably fucking loves this. How do I know? He told me: “Suede loves this news.” Third person is about as appealing as the Clap.
  • Yesterday I Tivoed the entire season of The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Before you take my DVR privileges away from me, hear me out. Okay, you know what, never mind. The show is pretty shitty. Unlike its network counterpart Greek, the show isn’t funny, the drama seems contrived, most of the acting sucks (newcomer Shailene Woodley is one of the exceptions). Why do I watch? The commercials look appealing and I am curious to see how ABC Family plays this. Will she keep the baby? Will she keep dating this do-gooder Ben? Will the baby always be the focus of the show? It’s like getting involved in Lost; if I’m not in on the ground floor I will never be able to catch up.

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It’s Greek To Me

My blog partner wrote about her odd fascination with Greek shortly after its premiere, but even with her ringing endorsement I didn’t tune in. Teen (and 20-something) dramedies require you to know the characters. It is not easy to come in without backstory.

But I finally watched the popular ABC Family show last night with the help of my friend Annie who caught me up on backstory as needed. It also helped that I watch a lot of ABC Family and see the commercials 5 or 6 times a day.

My first impressions? This show doesn’t get enough credit. It’s by no means extremely innovative and there were some bizzare casting choices (Geico Guy as Mr. Cartwright?) but it is entertaining, witty and the actors look age appropriate. That’s something few teen+ dramas can boast (cough, cough, Dawson’s Creek, cough, cough).

Few shows portray college well. It’s a fragile time with lots of juxtaposition. You want new friends but want to cling to your old ones, you want independence but it’s hard to deny funds from mom and pop, etc. Everyone is seeking this “perfect college experience,” but in most cases it doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s impossible to define.

For some reason, TV writers and producers can’t seem to wrap there heads around the complex combination of emotion, material goods, alcohol, friends and family. While Greek isn’t perfect, it’s one of the better portrayals of this sentiment.

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There are a few cable stations that I try to avoid. I’m not big on Spike, not really emotionally in tune with Lifetime (however Oxygen has its wide array of acceptable programming…sort of), and I’m certainly not interested in the Sci-Fi channel. Among this list used to be ABC Family. I’m not 12, so that was obvious.

However, with the recent addition of “Greek” I’ve eased up and started tuning in. “Greek” is your typical sugar-coated show about college life, specifcally about Greek life on campus. It’s funny to me though, because there’s something different about Greek and I think it’s in the relationships. The stereotyping makes me woozy and definitely makes the show a little more ridiculous, and a little less worth watching. But, for some reason, when it’s on I watch it.

Here’s why:
– there are a number of funny, subtle references that are appealing
– the characters, albeit a little melodramatic tend to be pretty realistic and funny
– the plot progresses
– the representation of greek life is very humorous, and even more so when realistic
– the music’s really good
– there’s a kid who plays a hardcore southern, religious type… that’s always good for TV
– cappie’s pretty hot and a good character

I’m sure the other half of this blog will consider resigning when she reads this, but I’ve got to admit, if you’re interested in a little young adult love drama (shaking my head with each word), then check out Greek! Hey, the pilot’s free on iTunes!

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