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Well gees! We’ve been knee-deep in season finales this week. Here some snappy reviews:

  • LOST: Whoa! What? Wait, what? We finally meet the mysterious, Jacob and lo and behold he’s handsome. Locke is dead but his body is alive an apparently inhabited by someone else. And did Juliet just ignite an H-Bomb? The season long pattern of providing more answers than questions is apparently over. These 8 months till the final season will be unbearable.
  • The Office: I think my brother and I are the only people who were unimpressed with the finale. Why didn’t I like it? It was hokey as all get out. I don’t watch The Office for that. If I wanted adorable I’d watch Puppy Bowl and call it a day. The Office was on a serious funny streak and this kind of put the kibosh on that. I am curious as to where they’ll take this “new development,” though.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Speaking of Brother Bear, he’ll be writing a longer review sometime soon. I don’t watch Grey’s much anymore, but I read what happened. I’m not a fan of the show, but I am a fan of getting T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl out of the entertainment news cycle. I would be completely okay with killing both of them off in one fell swoop. That would also leave some holes for new people, new stories, etc. (And have I mentioned how much I hate Meredith’s whining? This might finally shut her up.)
  • Private Practice: Their finale was a few weeks ago but it was awesome! I know that crazy woman won’t actually kill Violet, but will they be able to save the baby? If the baby dies it could put her character on a collision course. Hopefully they’ll acurately portray the mourning period (if there is one). I’m optimistic.
  • 30 Rock: Unlike The Office, 30 Rock has been a little uneven this season but last night’s finale was strong. If you liked the kidney song, you can download it from iTunes. Proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation.
  • The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: This show won me over from the beginning. The season finale didn’t disappoint. I hope this is not the last we see of Note Makoti, I hate what he does to Precious, but I love the intrigue and complexity he provides to her character.

Next week we’ve got finales for Ugly Betty, American Idol, and 24 among others. May is such a wonderful time of year!

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Unlike a lot of folks, I never gave up on Prison Break. When a mystery/conspiracy is presented to me, I have a hard time not seeing it all the way through.I sat through a long year at Fox River, and exciting year on the run, and an outrageous season at a Panamanian prison (Really? A chicken foot?) I’ve earned my finale and I hope next week’s event delivers.

Here are a few things I would like to discuss about tonight’s episode. Head’s up though, there are spoilers ahead.

  • Once I found out Don Self duped our wacky cast of characters, I  had zero empathy for him. Seeing him crawl on the beach with a broken leg was kind of awesome. Do I like that they killed his wife? Of course not, but on this show you can’t really tell if someone’s dead, so I’m hlding out hope.
  • I loved Lincoln’s comment about being framed twice for two high-profile murders. Thank you for saying what we’re all thinking.
  • Meanwhile, I know Michael is supposed to be smart as a whip, but building a bomb in a fridge…on a whim? I guess my mind just doesn’t work like that.
  • One thing that’s never stopped repulsing me: T-Bag licking his lips. It makes me want to puke in my mouth a little.
  • Anyone else really curious about when (if?) Sarah will drop the baby news to Michael?
  • The promo for next week is pretty enticing. Anyone want to place bets on who Mike is going to save? If he ends up saving them both, I’d be a little pissed. It would be like having Terry live at the end of Season 1 of 24. Things can’t end on a high note for this show. I think Michael needs to make a decision, even if both of them end up surviving.


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I’m on an American Idol high right now. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say history was made tonight, and I am thankful. This show keeps finding ways to keep me coming back. Some ways are easier on the eyes than others.

Let’s get to it!

  • Someone finally had the brillz idea of remaking the Golden Girls...in Turkey no less. Now not only do they have delicious kabobs, but a foreign version of Blanche. Can life get any better?
  • When you’re the kind of guy who makes his own Kenny Powers jersey, getting arrested was sort of bound to happen. And sidenote: Eastbound & Down got picked up for another season. Fuckin’ right!
  • Speaking A-List, the 2nd Annual A-List Awards are on tonight. They’re essentially a 90 minute commercial for Bravo, but I might watch just for Kathy Griffin. Her special tonight was aces!
  • Guess where season 8 of 24 is taking place? Memphis! I kid, it’s New York. But wouldn’t it be a lot funnier in Memphis? He’d have to deal with a slower pace of life, and he’d have to learn how to shoot a gun with BBQ hands.
  • Nadya Suleman may have made her best decision yet. She is getting a TV deal, but it’s going to be documentary style instead of a reality show. Cameras will follow her family just six times a year instead of constantly. They’re going to follow the family until the kids are 18. In the spirit of full disclosure: I will have a hard time not watching these specials…every single time.
  • Everyone’s favorite Governor, Rod Blagojevich is headed to jungle…for a reality show. That was a mighty fast plummet.
  • And my non-TV related Link of the Week: Rainn Wilson twittered about this band like an hour agao and I’m already into them. It’s Balthrop, Alabama everybody. Prepare to fall in love with Pop music again.

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I just found out that two of my favorite actresses are lesbians…I also found out they are dating each other.

Sarah Paulson (Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip) and Cherry Jones (24 and oodles of theater credits) have apparently been dating for quite some time now.

What lovely news! This vaguely reminds me of the first time I had a peanut butter cup.

“What? Two great things? Together!?”

Ain’t young love grand? And on a political side note: Kudos to the folks in Vermont for thinking so too.

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Other than the news that Alyson Hannigan had her baby (it’s a girl, they named her Satyana) its been kind of a slow TV news day. I haven’t watched anything of note to talk about (Though 24 was especially brillz! No one fucks with Tony Almeida and gets away with it).

So that leaves me with one option. Ladies and gentleman, edubTV faithful, and those just passing through. For your consideration, this picture.


I have so many questions, and yet find myself at peace. Though I’m sure the baby would’ve preferred to be held by Splinter.


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Suresh Joachim straddles the line between nuts and totally awesome. He just broke his own Guiness World Record for most nonstop broadcast-television watching by logging 72 hours in front of the tube. He probably broke several other internal organs as well as Joachim admitted to drinking “between 25 and 30 cups of coffee.”

I think the guy deserves a little extra credit. Not only did he subject his eyeballs to 72 hours of TV, he did it by watching three seasons of 24. That’s some heart-racing stuff. Between that and the coffee, I’m not quite sure how he’s still alive.

In case you were wondering, this Joachim is no couch potato. He holds multiple world records including several for running, crawling, drumming, most bridesmaids/groomsman at his wedding, and even standing on one foot. He also holds an unofficial record in being awesome, which he won outright after putting the picture above on his website.

Photo: http://www.sureshjoachim.org/

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After a very busy work week I was finally able to screen the intense, four hour premiere of season 7 of Fox’s 24. Now, I’ve been a fan of the show for about half of a decade and have seen every episode, often watching 24 episodes in one short weekend. An obsession? No, just good TV.


Anyway, this season started off pretty strong, with a great twist in hour 3. But this is not a post about the series as is. Instead, I want to focus on something that stood out to me in this premiere more than in any other season: the music. The soundtrack for 24 is always intense, always heavy and loud and jolting. However, I found this premiere’s soundtrack to not only fill the usual role, but also to add a new element with fresh sounds that sync very well with the plot and action. Not only was the sound great throughout the action sequences, but it was particularly good during the build up prior to action scenes.

So keep your ears open for the next show and let me know if you find your reaction as positive as mine!

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