Ediddy: highlight lines from last nights PLL – Emily is trying to study and Hannah is singing (they’re sharing a room, long story) and Emily goes, “I’m going to the library” Hannah, “you don’t have to” Emily, “No i do.” Hannah, “is it a gay thing?” Emily, “No. It’s a brain thing”
Slamwich: HAHAHAHA
Ediddy: right
Slamwich: To Hannah’s credit, studying is super gay.

I recently read a witty review on the premiere episode of the American spin-off  for the series, Skins. In the mostly spot-on review, it was made clear that one of the most charming, and more importantly, authentic characteristics of the high school set show is the use of age-appropriate actors and actresses. The show uses teens to play teens. Seems simple enough. Until the article lists, with no shame, the true ages of many actors and actresses playing teen-aged characters.

I’d be naive to presume adults weren’t hired for teenage roles. 20-somethings frequently play confused 16 year olds (see: every (!?) show on the CW). And sometimes that adult can really create something special with the character, regardless of their real-life familiarity with parachute pants.

But, it does say something, or at least surprises me to learn, when I watch a show on ABC Family about 16 year olds, I’m actually watching someone twice the age of her character. Am I duped by their skills or am I suspending my disbelief because it’s a silly television show? Do I prefer the glitz of someone pretty or the authenticity of someone true to their age?

It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely something to consider…

“It’s a little wild and a little strange…” that this show is just now coming out on DVD.

I was a huge fan of Hey Dude, a short-lived Nick show from early 1990s. The show centered on a handful of attractive teens working at a dude ranch. Horse-related shenanigans ensued. For how much I hate farm animals and dust, somehow this show managed to be one of my favorites, second only to Roundhouse.

And come July 19, I will be able to revert back to my childhood whenever I want to. I don’t think the show will hold up, but it will take me back to a place when all I needed was an Ecto-Cooler juicebox, a twinkie and 30 minutes with my friends at the Bar None Dude Ranch.

Better watch out for those man eatin’ jack rabbits, and that killer cacti!

The other day I was chatting with a friend about her newly grown obsession with Parks & Rec. Now, my friend’s an entertainment-enthusiast, but she by no means gets… obsessed. I, on the other hand, do. In fact, I openly recognize, and admit to, my unhealthy and manic infatuation with the UK show, Skins.


Gen 3, Season 5 ended recently and since its’ absence and since I’m no longer scouring the internet to dl it illegally (shut up i’m going to buy it too…eventually), I’ve decided to take some time to reflect. well, reflect publicly. And, in the form of a list. because at least you like lists. I encourage you to add your lists in the comments. I’m talking to you mom! jk jk my mother doesnt do things for me. (or follow this blog, obvs).*

so here it goes (spoilers obvs):

1. all time favorite episode: Liv, s5

2. best character G1, G2, G3: Cassie, Thomas, Mini.

3. most interesting duo: Mini & Liv.

4. best lovahs: Naomi & Emily

5. best situation: I’m Katie Fucking Fitch. jk but that was awesome. really, probs Emily coming out to Thomo and him giving her his shoes when she was cold.

6. best scene, you know, artistically: Crazy Stalker Fell-In-Love-On-A-Train animation bit that almost made Emily kill herself.

7. most charged scene:  murder rock sex aka the effy camping shroom-fueled rock bashing over head then sex scene.

8. best intro: Freddie skateboarding up to JJ & Cook.

9. most ridiculous scene: thomas vs gangster eating the hot peppers. really close 2nd when cassie RAN AWAY TO NYC (WHAT). followed more closely by the entire American version’s season.

10. best concept from the show: do a lot of drugs

11. best themed party: pajamas with pandora

12. best cast scene: chris’s funeral

& finally, Lucky 13. WHY DID FREDDIE HAVE TO DIE?

* to my mother, if you’re reading this you obviously do more than enough and it was a cheap laugh and i’m an unappreciative daughter and i love you. (e-mail me).

Did anyone else collect milk ads in middle school? My friends and I were obsessed. #wisconsinkids

This one would’ve been my crown jewel.


[h/t TV Addict]

Is it just me or are movie posters getting supaflydope lately? I was browsing Animal New York tonight and one of their bloggers briefly profiled these sweet “minimalist” film posters.

When I saw those, I immediately thought of this. (WANT)

Recently, my co-blogging edub partner mentioned buying this masterpiece. Now, she’s on the right track (…yes baby, she was born that way). But I want more! I want TV shows to consistently produce high quality posters as the norm.

Poster art is serious business to this edubber. How serious? Theme-of-my-bat-mitzvah serious. That’s right. Movie posters adorned the walls of the colorfully decorated Belvedere Recreation Center in the fall of ’92 when I celebrated becoming a daughter of the commandments and my mom caught [Redacted] smoking pot in the boys’ bathroom. I digress.

It seems like, thanks to the interweb, film posters are emerging from designers all over with unique, swanky takes on their Silver Screen favs. So I ask, what about us boobtoobers? Where’s the creative force designing 2d-iconography for our favorite sitcoms or serials?

It’s revolution time people (too soon?). It’s time for every tv show to create a poster, just as every movie creates a poster. Separate is not equal. Honestly though, can someone please just print a black hole with the Henrickson family falling gracefully, surrounded by stamps of Nikki’s best one-liners? Is that so much to ask?

No, seriously. This exists.

You can make a frog, a swan, a box, a cube and more! It’s not affiliated with the DVD-giant, but it should be.

Oh yeah, and they’re making TV shows now. Why the hell not? Anything that keeps Kevin Spacey busy is okay by me.