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Ediddy: highlight lines from last nights PLL – Emily is trying to study and Hannah is singing (they’re sharing a room, long story) and Emily goes, “I’m going to the library” Hannah, “you don’t have to” Emily, “No i do.” Hannah, “is it a gay thing?” Emily, “No. It’s a brain thing”
Slamwich: HAHAHAHA
Ediddy: right
Slamwich: To Hannah’s credit, studying is super gay.

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Arrested Development ruined me. Since that show was prematurely ripped from the airwaves, I’ve started to assume that every show with a dash of creativity and quirk won’t make it very far, especially on network TV (See: Better off Ted, Pushing Daisies, Worst Week). Nothing gold can stay, and if it’s really gold, it will be gone way before its time.

Mr. Sunshine is a living, breathing example of this. But I hope I’m wrong this time.

Haven’t heard about this little gem? It’s a surprisingly good single-camera comedy about a 40-year-old guy (think Will in About A Boy) who’s in charge of operations at a medium sized catch-all arena in San Diego (think Circuses, Motocross, semi-pro hockey).

It’s not too smart for the room but it doesn’t need a laugh track and prop gags to keep it going (I’m looking at you Two & A Half Men). The tone reminded me a bit of Scrubs but without the voiceovers and some of the schlock. It’s packing some serious star power with leads Matthew Perry and Allison Janney and it’s got a premise that could effectively run forever.  Plus the writing is sharp, and particularly irreverent. *Yep, that’s a quote from the pilot.

Ratings wise, the show got some help from a Modern Family lead in last night so hopefully people will make a habit of sticking around.

Catch it now before you’re watching it on Netflix, sobbing and asking, “WHY VIEWING PUBLIC? WHY?”

Next chance to watch: Wednesday, February 16 9:30/8:30C  And while you’re at it, go Hulu the pilot.

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Apparently I set it up to receive an e-mail the minute season 7 of Peep Show appeared on Hulu. That day is today my friends. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Never seen Peep Show? It’s a dry comedy from the UK about two terribly socially awkward roommates. You get to see the world through their eyes, with a little help from cameras of course. You also get to hear what’s going on inside their heads and it makes for some of the best comedic television I’ve seen in years. I watched the first 6 seasons on Hulu this summer in about a week. Granted it’s only 36 episodes, but I could not get enough.

And because I like you, here’s episode 1 to get you started. Be advised, it’s drier than dry. Give yourself two or three episodes to ease in.


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