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Hilarity ensues.

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Emily Nussbaum‘s latest NY Mag piece definitively declares the upcoming Fall TV slate to be the season of “The She-Runner”. A new ruling class of female Show runners, writers and actresses, spreading the big, bad female agenda on TV’s nation-wide. Rawr.

this seems appropriate here

Nussbaum writes that all of the Major Networks’ new comedy pilots are, mostly, helmed by females and star a fresh sort of female lead. They each, in one way or another, present a more “hard-edged” woman. Gone are the days of the dough-eyed dork (although the sole exception, and Nussbaum acknowledges it, is New Girls and happens to star just that in its’ lead Zooey Deschanel). What’s “exciting” is how this crop breaks free from former wimpy female leads of the past and instead depicts a grittier breed. Here we have the modern woman. More willing to declare her opinion. Move over Betty Draper, it’s Peggy-on-steroids time.

And my reaction? Meh.

It’s definitely refreshing to have more women on the screen and to have them in starring roles. But, have you watched the trailers for these shows? I mean, really? Uh-Oh. Yikes!

But, I’ll probably give them all a chance. I’m a fan of a lot of these female writers. Especially, New Girl scribe, Liz Meriwether. I also highly recommend Molly Mclear’s blog (she’s joined the writing room for 2 Broke Girls). I’m just really hoping these trailers are the worst of what’s to come and that we can expect more than these one-note, “unconventional” female leads.

Lena Dunham

However, I will say, I’m thrilled to hear Nussbaum enjoyed Girls. Lena Dunham‘s HBO series is something I’ve been looking forward to, anxiously, since renting Tiny Furniture months ago. But calling it the “Great Lady Hope of HBO” might be a tad pre-mature.

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What Will You Watch?

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I recently read a witty review on the premiere episode of the American spin-off  for the series, Skins. In the mostly spot-on review, it was made clear that one of the most charming, and more importantly, authentic characteristics of the high school set show is the use of age-appropriate actors and actresses. The show uses teens to play teens. Seems simple enough. Until the article lists, with no shame, the true ages of many actors and actresses playing teen-aged characters.

I’d be naive to presume adults weren’t hired for teenage roles. 20-somethings frequently play confused 16 year olds (see: every (!?) show on the CW). And sometimes that adult can really create something special with the character, regardless of their real-life familiarity with parachute pants.

But, it does say something, or at least surprises me to learn, when I watch a show on ABC Family about 16 year olds, I’m actually watching someone twice the age of her character. Am I duped by their skills or am I suspending my disbelief because it’s a silly television show? Do I prefer the glitz of someone pretty or the authenticity of someone true to their age?

It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely something to consider…

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Big Love – Really

Honestly one of the finest Big Love blog entries of all time.

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Check It

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Happy Humpday Edubbers

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been patiently waiting for someone to make a decent response video to SNL/Lonely Island’s “Jizz In My Pants.” No, nobody else.? Fine just me.

Anyway, it’s here, and this ones for the ladies. It sticks pretty close to the original but I’m not complaining. The best part? It was done by a woman who  created a fake engagement ring to ward off douchebags at the bars. The ring now sells for $50 bucks. A solid investment if you ask me.

Check out the video below. It will be all around the interwebs soon enough.

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Amy Poehler’s new vehicle got some pretty crappy early reviews. I just watched it this afternoon, and I was pretty impressed.

Critics say it’s a little too close to The Office (mockumentary style, talking head interviews, naive protagonists you want to root for, etc.) While this critique may be valid, I’m not complaining. If three Law & Order‘s, and three CSI‘s can coexist (under the same title no less) than I am a-okay with a show with a similar format to The Office. Duplicating a funny, and successful comedy? Why the hell not.  A show called Larry Unmarried would be a different story.

Also, it’s fantastic to see Paul Schneider again. I loved him in The Family Stone and All The Real Girls. I didn’t hear about his involvement with the show at all, but he’s definitely a super addition to this cast.

If Kath & Kim can not only last but get a second season pick-up, then Parks & Recreation should find a nice home on NBC Thursday nights. I’m already rooting for it.

Image: NBC.com

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I love Jennifer Hudson. She’s an amazing vocalist and a gifted actress. Ellen is lovely and amazing. Together, they make for Friday Funnies! Happy Weekend everybody!

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