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It’s holiday time folks.  This means everyone and their sister is traveling, through sleet and snow, to make it back to their childhood homes. Upon arrival they will embrace their loving family members, share gifts and stories of work triumphs, new friends and love. They will sip egg nog and have a nosh in the form of a snowman decorated sugar cookies. And it will be all fine and dandy.


There will be no new TV.

This, people of America, sucks. Now, let me lay out my obvious subjectivity on the matter. I recently spent the past week (many hours of which were in transit) with my family, avoiding the holiday airport craze, spending time celebrating my mother’s mid-December birthday.  Rather than braving the masses to celebrate an arbitrary DOB for someone I never met (no offense good people of the Christian faith), I felt this a wiser allotment of my time and a more rewarding family-related experience.

Having relayed my circumstances, let me now vent. I’m home. I’m rommate-less for the next week and half. I’m an avid TV watcher and work in the industry. Why must I be punished with reruns and reality television? Was I naughty? Because this is not nice. (ew, i can’t believe I’m leaving that in this post).

All I’m sayin, to the fine folks producing the regularly fabulous programming I commit to, is there has to be some sort of alternative. Throw me a commercial-free movie of my choosing. Give me some unaired clips from my favorite shows to choose from. Show me some pilots that didn’t make the cut. JUST GIVE ME NEW MATERIAL! Don’t take away my joy, simply because everyone else is not interested in tuning in for a week (all those conformists!, blargh).

I realize this is one of the lamer posts of my career, and quite possibly the lamest writing I’ve ever even ever considered, but I figured, WITH ALL THIS FREE TIME NOT WATCHING TV, I might as well DO SOMETHING ELSE.

With that, much love to everyone and safe travels & happy holidays.

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There are many wonderful things about living in Madison, Wisconsin. As a transplant, coming from San Francisco, I find myself having to justify why I love Madison so much. This past winter I had to justify it to myself.

After tonight, my doubts have been silenced and my justifications recharged.

This weekend Madison is hosting the Wisconsin Film Festival. A massive event that screens over 200 hundred films and is the largest university-affiliated festival across the nation, this years processions have been stellar.


I just returned home from a screening of “Lightbulb,” a loveable indie about two inventors living in Tuscon. Last night I saw “Tokyo Sonata” a Japanese film questioning our everyday routines and lives. Opening night I saw “Art & Copy” a doc on the advertising industry in America and “Eleven Minutes” a doc on Jay McCarrol, the winner of the premiere season of Project Runway and his post-reality show life.  Both were great. I’ve also got two more lined up for tomorrow.

Walking home from “Lightbulb” tonight I passed through a diverese crowd of movie goers onto the street outside of our Student Union. The spirit of the festival surrounded me as I made my way home, passing screening houses and active movie-goers. This festival, more than others I’ve attended, truly elevates the value of entertainment. The entire downtown becomes mobbed with tons and tons of people interested in one thing, being entertained.

If you ever get the chance I highly recommend experiencing this for youself!!

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As of tomorrow, David Cook will own 11 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. He is the first artist ever (at least in the Nielsen Soundscan era) to debut 11 songs in the same week.


  • Archuleta doesn’t have 11 songs on the Top 100.
  • After a rocky season, American Idol proves it can still pack a punch.
  • Cook seems like a nice guy, he’s a fun performer.


  • We’ve got 100 spots to take the current pulse of popular music. David Cook owns 11 of them.

Even Idol fans might admit that’s overkill…actually they probably wouldn’t.

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I’m still watching tonight’s episode.

I have a couple things to say:

  • Why are people still voting for Jason Castro? If he’s still here next week, I’m through.
  • Apparently the folks over at Idol are contemplating how they can make the show better. My suggestion? More crazy Paula and less bad singing.
  • If David Cook can eek out an American Idol win, it will give this show the credibility it so desperately needs this season.

Back to suffering through the back end of tonight’s episode.

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I’m assuming Justin and Rebecca will date once it comes out that she’s not a Walker. However, in real life, wouldn’t that be too much to overcome? Would the Walker family really let that relationship happen? Though they’re cute together and the audience likes them as siblings, how will America take to them being a couple?

Just thinking out-loud and readying myself for the potential awkward television that will be their relationship.

Any thoughts?

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Best. Picture. Ever.

Thank you TV Addict for providing me with this giant photo of the 24 season 7 cast. Cue oggling.

The first things I noticed:

1. It’s nice Janeane Garofolo can turn shlubby on and off.
2. Where are the CTU agents/political figures of color?
3. Love the fact that Jack is the only one wearing jeans. You’d think he’d switch to tear-away pants by now for maximum flexibility.

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Just a little bit on tonight’s American Idol results. Stop here if you want to remain spoiler free.

I only got the tail end of the show last night (about 30 seconds after Brooke started over). For the most part I was unimpressed with everyone’s performance but at least David Cook got to show off his pipes. Anyway, I assumed I must have missed the great performances. I watched all of the contestants online today and was officially saddened. Where was the excitement this week? So many great songs to pick from. So many genres, styles and above all, opportunity to shine. Everyone fell short.

That being said, some fell harder then others. It wasn’t Carly’s turn to go home tonight. Your days are numbered my dreadlocked friend. I’m not on the beach, I’m not high and I no longer appreciate your mellow sounds. And don’t think you’re immune either Syesha. You’re talented but if last night proved anything it’s that you belong in musical theater, not the top of the charts.

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