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Parks & Rec was superb. Southland left me breathless. But the best new episode of anything I watched last week? Greek. It was, dare I say, charming?

I found myself laughing, and smiling, and getting a little sad. We saw all the characters go through a little something but it didn’t feel rushed or forced. Plus we got to learn more about Beaver, which is something I didn’t know I wanted, but I’m glad they did it. (Did we know his name was Walter?)

Anyone still watching this little gem? It used to be the darling of ABC Family, but now that no ones getting pregnant or kidnapped, they hardly talk about it. In fact this may be the final season. Get it in folks. You’re missing out on some truly strong television about an oft-forgotten population, college kids we didn’t meet in high school.

(Next chance to watch? Tonight, 9/8 central on ABC Family)

PS: Before you mention it, I don’t get DirecTV and therefore did not see the FNL finale. I’m guessing it would win hands down.



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Who had a good week? Let’s find out.

  • Celebrity Apprentice 2: CA2 was probably the funniest two hours of television I watched this week. It was unintentionally awesome. I love it when C-List celebrities (and a few heavy hitters) come together to make asses of themselves and pretend to apply business knowledge to absurd situations. Shot-out to Annie Duke and Tom Green for knowing how to work the game. It’s never about the actual challenges folks, it’s who you know in the New York area who feels like giving you $10,000.
  • Matt Giraud: I am a huge MG fan. He’s an awesome piano player, sounds a little like Justin Timberlake, hails from the Midwest and he’s easy on the eyes. I was pleased to him go through to the American Idol Top 13 this week. Step 2: Get behind a piano and stay on the show for awhile.
  • Jimmy Fallon: I didn’t think he could pull it off but his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon debut was surprisingly good. He seemed a bit tense on Monday but every episode is getting a bit better. Once he settles into a rhythm I think he’ll do well. Miss the show this week? You can catch them on Hulu. Might I suggest the episode with Tina Fey. You know who I’m a little worried about? The Roots. Their interludes left a bit to be desired. I love their music so that was disheartening. I’m holding out hope. Creating hundreds of brand new songs will wear on anyone.

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It was Oscar night. Fun show huh? I followed it on Twitter with all my Tweeps. Quite a community out there.

Anyway, here are this week’s winners in my book. Suck it academy!

Amazing Race 14: I love these people. Mel & Mike White are so adorable and having the time of their lives. Margie and Luke are generous and enthusiastic. Everyone is compelling (except that pesky dating couple). And did I mention my sincere love for Steve and Linda the couple from Virgina? I am a little concerned about Linda constantly asking Steve whether or not he’s mad at her but when she’s not concerned about his feelings/her well-being , they’re a pretty cute couple.

Spoiler Alert: If she’d only waited and paraglided with Mel! I’m sad to see Steve and Linda depart tonight.

Carla on Top Chef: She has giant eyes, she makes good food and she’s the only person who can beat Stefan for the title. I sincerely hope she does. That guy needs to be taken down a peg.

Breaking Bad Minisodes: I love this show with a fiery passion only reserved for AMC original programming. These little clips are getting me read for the show’s return on March 8.

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Oh jees. The day after Valentine’s Day edition.

  • Alec Baldwin: His storyline on 30 Rock was sharp yet adorable this week, he made fun of  Joaquin Phoenix on Conan (sidenote: Joaquin Phoenix is officially batshit nuts now but I sort of like the beard.)  and he made me chuckle during his millionith time hosting SNL last night. Three cheers for you Alec!
  • Blink 182: They’re reuniting! The teenager in me is singing! Actually she’s probably yelling at her parents and retreating to her room to journal and complain about how nobody understands. Either way: Bring on the tour!
  • Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt: They’re good looking, they’ve been dating forever and they’re having the best Sweeps of all time. Hamm is doing an arc on 30 Rock and Westfeldt is the pregnant woman with some brain issues the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event. Both guest appearances are really well done so far, very organic like they’ve been there for years. It’s a shame the shows are competing for eyeballs.

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A good friend of mine told me recently, “I miss Marry, Bop, or Kill. How else am I supposed to find out this week’s winners?”

I laughed and told her I’d change the name of the feature just for her. So kudos to you Rach!

Okay, this week’s winners:

  • Psych: Believe it or not, Psych is one of the most consistent shows on TV. It’s funny, has a solid (though at times predictable) mystery, tons of obscure pop culture references and a great-long running unrequited love story. The show’s also got flashbacks and Corbin Bernsen. Aces! I’ve been Tivoing it as of late and I really look forward to it every week. It’s one of those shows that’s really familiar and fun to watch. To put it plainly, Psych is the novelty sweatshirt you bought on your vacation (“Life’s A Beach!”)  years ago that you still wear because it’s comfortable and manages to  get a laugh.
  • Paul Adelstein: I’ve been watching him on old eps of Prison Break lately and he was super then and even more believable as Dr. Cooper Friedman on Private Practice. I love how his character changed from last season to this one. Can’t wait to see how his relationship with Violet develops over the course of her pregnancy. He’s a gifted actor and it’s nice to see him in a role that seems to fit well.
  • Huey Lewis & The News: Not TV related, but totally awesome. I bought the greatest hits album today on iTunes. Great investment.

Some weeks will have losers too, but this week those are hard to come by. Can’t think of too much to complain about. Plus we should start off on a positive note right?

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Things I just couldn’t blog about fast enough.

Pageant Place
How about that? Hot girls living in a house together (pictured), sharing secrets and getting in to bitchy fights. MTV is all about innovation. We haven’t seen a show like this in three hours. On the upside, by virtue of the show, the girls are a bit more dynamic than the usual ladies of music television.

Ugly Betty
Did anyone catch the following in last week’s episode?

  • High School Musical’s ” Get’cha Head In The Game” during Justin and Daniel’s basketball scene. Nice cross promotion Disney.
  • Marc’s (Michael Urie) hot plaid outfit
  • Betty singing…almost to Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.”
  • James Vanderbeek is guest starring next week. I don’t wanna wait for that!

The Office
Something is a little off about The Office. I’ll be happy when the 22 minute episodes are back. There is just too much slack in the long ones. 15 minutes about Michael kidnapping a pizza boy? I call bullshit. If it weren’t for Andy’s acapella rendition of ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me,” I would’ve fallen asleep. The one liners can’t be the only thing that keep this show going. It’s not Family Guy you know.

I am excited about next week. We will have a lot of things to talk about. Amy Finley’s New Show, Christina Applegate’s comedy Samantha Who and maybe I’ll finally watch/write about Bionic Woman. We’ll see.

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