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This is a pretty fabulous video following Daniel Kaluuya, one of the early generation of Skins‘ young scribes. He’s hilarious and it gives a nice peak into the process while still keeping enough up to the imagination.

I was particularly impressed with Kaluuya’s devotion to character. In his interview, the level of respect he has for character development is rather moving. I also appreciated how he managed to create an episode that maintained a proper Skins-ish level of dramatic depth seamlessly intertwined with its’ reliable and unabashed silliness.

Follow him on twitter, here.

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Is it just me or are movie posters getting supaflydope lately? I was browsing Animal New York tonight and one of their bloggers briefly profiled these sweet “minimalist” film posters.

When I saw those, I immediately thought of this. (WANT)

Recently, my co-blogging edub partner mentioned buying this masterpiece. Now, she’s on the right track (…yes baby, she was born that way). But I want more! I want TV shows to consistently produce high quality posters as the norm.

Poster art is serious business to this edubber. How serious? Theme-of-my-bat-mitzvah serious. That’s right. Movie posters adorned the walls of the colorfully decorated Belvedere Recreation Center in the fall of ’92 when I celebrated becoming a daughter of the commandments and my mom caught [Redacted] smoking pot in the boys’ bathroom. I digress.

It seems like, thanks to the interweb, film posters are emerging from designers all over with unique, swanky takes on their Silver Screen favs. So I ask, what about us boobtoobers? Where’s the creative force designing 2d-iconography for our favorite sitcoms or serials?

It’s revolution time people (too soon?). It’s time for every tv show to create a poster, just as every movie creates a poster. Separate is not equal. Honestly though, can someone please just print a black hole with the Henrickson family falling gracefully, surrounded by stamps of Nikki’s best one-liners? Is that so much to ask?

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No, seriously. This exists.

You can make a frog, a swan, a box, a cube and more! It’s not affiliated with the DVD-giant, but it should be.

Oh yeah, and they’re making TV shows now. Why the hell not? Anything that keeps Kevin Spacey busy is okay by me.

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The video below has everything:

  • Cello
  • Angry Birds
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pint-Sized Jewish Rappers
  • Velvet Tuxes
  • Robert Palmer Impersonations
  • Hat Choreography
  • Steve Jobs
  • Multicolored Yarmulkes
  • The Phrase “Tres Chic” (at least 10x)
  • Swimming
  • And a quick appearance by Cake Boss AND Oprah

I spent pretty much every Saturday in 7th grade attending Bar/Bat Mitzvahs but none of them had kickass homemade music videos. You win at everything Zachary Freiman.

Mazel Tov, kid.

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So cute! I might cry and giggle uncontrollably. And by might, I mean I already did.

This is Kevin Clash. He’s the man behind Elmo. You can see him in this clip, and yet, you can’t. Once I see Elmo, all signs of the man that brings him to life are thrown to the wind.

That’s one lucky baby. This should be the trailer for Being Elmo. Boom Done.

[H/T The Daily What]

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It’s holiday time folks.  This means everyone and their sister is traveling, through sleet and snow, to make it back to their childhood homes. Upon arrival they will embrace their loving family members, share gifts and stories of work triumphs, new friends and love. They will sip egg nog and have a nosh in the form of a snowman decorated sugar cookies. And it will be all fine and dandy.


There will be no new TV.

This, people of America, sucks. Now, let me lay out my obvious subjectivity on the matter. I recently spent the past week (many hours of which were in transit) with my family, avoiding the holiday airport craze, spending time celebrating my mother’s mid-December birthday.  Rather than braving the masses to celebrate an arbitrary DOB for someone I never met (no offense good people of the Christian faith), I felt this a wiser allotment of my time and a more rewarding family-related experience.

Having relayed my circumstances, let me now vent. I’m home. I’m rommate-less for the next week and half. I’m an avid TV watcher and work in the industry. Why must I be punished with reruns and reality television? Was I naughty? Because this is not nice. (ew, i can’t believe I’m leaving that in this post).

All I’m sayin, to the fine folks producing the regularly fabulous programming I commit to, is there has to be some sort of alternative. Throw me a commercial-free movie of my choosing. Give me some unaired clips from my favorite shows to choose from. Show me some pilots that didn’t make the cut. JUST GIVE ME NEW MATERIAL! Don’t take away my joy, simply because everyone else is not interested in tuning in for a week (all those conformists!, blargh).

I realize this is one of the lamer posts of my career, and quite possibly the lamest writing I’ve ever even ever considered, but I figured, WITH ALL THIS FREE TIME NOT WATCHING TV, I might as well DO SOMETHING ELSE.

With that, much love to everyone and safe travels & happy holidays.

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I saw this photo and wanted to run out and buy a pumpkin and carve it to look just like the one below. Then I remembered I don’t have a porch and that a carved pumpkin sitting in an apartment hallway is creepy and weird. Damn.

h/t: The Daily What

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This clip from Sesame Street is adorable, highly necessary, and great for kids to see. I definitely could’ve used it when I was a small black kid surrounded by white friends with pretty, “smooth” hair. I always wanted to brush it. Their hair seemed to never go out of place.

While the one above would’ve raised my self esteem. The one below was playing on my computer screen at work half the day. Catchy Song+Adorable Muppets = Instant Replay. Damn you Willow Smith! Why do you insist on singing so hard?

And in case you were wondering, the 2nd one now has more views than the first one. I’m probably not helping with this.



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TV Geek Alert!

I managed to get out of the house to go to an art fair this weekend. Take a look at the hot piece of jewelry I picked up.

Now I just need some Blu-Ray player earrings to match.

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I love stuff like this. St. Louis today put 200 sitcoms on the map…literally. With a little time, and a little help from Google Maps, they provided a handy illustration of where the shows are set.

I always forget One Day at a Time was set in Indiana. Now I’ll never forget.


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My mother taught me a lot and on her special day, I’d like to tell you about the things she taught me in respect to TV. It’s more than you’d think.

  • Never be afraid to fall asleep in front of the TV. If the show is good enough, “It will be on again.”
  • Every time The Sound of Music comes on, stop what you’re doing and watch. Singing along is highly encouraged.
  • If Mom can’t follow it, it must not be good. (Sorry Lost.)
  • Some shows are worth waking up at 4 in the morning for, even after your family gets you a DVR to prevent this. (Ryan’s Hope is better than one would think.)
  • And finally, it’s okay to talk while the TV is on, so long as you’re asking “really important questions.” (Nope, still not.)

Oh Mom. I love ya. You’re may not have the best TV habits but that’s far from a dealbreaker, even with me. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and mothers everywhere.

Image: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

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Other than the news that Alyson Hannigan had her baby (it’s a girl, they named her Satyana) its been kind of a slow TV news day. I haven’t watched anything of note to talk about (Though 24 was especially brillz! No one fucks with Tony Almeida and gets away with it).

So that leaves me with one option. Ladies and gentleman, edubTV faithful, and those just passing through. For your consideration, this picture.


I have so many questions, and yet find myself at peace. Though I’m sure the baby would’ve preferred to be held by Splinter.


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