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Emily Nussbaum‘s latest NY Mag piece definitively declares the upcoming Fall TV slate to be the season of “The She-Runner”. A new ruling class of female Show runners, writers and actresses, spreading the big, bad female agenda on TV’s nation-wide. Rawr.

this seems appropriate here

Nussbaum writes that all of the Major Networks’ new comedy pilots are, mostly, helmed by females and star a fresh sort of female lead. They each, in one way or another, present a more “hard-edged” woman. Gone are the days of the dough-eyed dork (although the sole exception, and Nussbaum acknowledges it, is New Girls and happens to star just that in its’ lead Zooey Deschanel). What’s “exciting” is how this crop breaks free from former wimpy female leads of the past and instead depicts a grittier breed. Here we have the modern woman. More willing to declare her opinion. Move over Betty Draper, it’s Peggy-on-steroids time.

And my reaction? Meh.

It’s definitely refreshing to have more women on the screen and to have them in starring roles. But, have you watched the trailers for these shows? I mean, really? Uh-Oh. Yikes!

But, I’ll probably give them all a chance. I’m a fan of a lot of these female writers. Especially, New Girl scribe, Liz Meriwether. I also highly recommend Molly Mclear’s blog (she’s joined the writing room for 2 Broke Girls). I’m just really hoping these trailers are the worst of what’s to come and that we can expect more than these one-note, “unconventional” female leads.

Lena Dunham

However, I will say, I’m thrilled to hear Nussbaum enjoyed Girls. Lena Dunham‘s HBO series is something I’ve been looking forward to, anxiously, since renting Tiny Furniture months ago. But calling it the “Great Lady Hope of HBO” might be a tad pre-mature.

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I hate how much I love Top Shot.

The guns. The bravado. The ignorance. The accents. The exploding household goods.

And Colby. Oh Colby, you’ve come a long way since Survivor.

Haven’t seen the show? It’s a reality competition show to find the best marksman. I’m embarrassed that I know this.

“God didn’t create all men equal. Smith & Wesson did.” A contestant just said that.

I’m going to go die of shame.

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so excited!

Big Love. The 5th and Final Season.

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After reading a few news reports, and some reviews in HR and Variety, I’m definitely looking forward to the premiere season of “Better off Ted” which airs tonight at 8:30 on ABC. The show stars Jay Harrington of “Desperate Housewives” and Portia de Rossi (woohoo) of “Arrested Development.”


The pilot, written by Victor Fresco, the man behind both “My name is Earl” and “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” opens us Ted’s world focusing on his office and work environment. I’m looking forward to a a new, narrative fictional take on office life, since I already have my fav mokumentary to turn to.  Hopefully it’ll impress. Tune in and let me know what you think!

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1.Strapped for time
2.Feeling Creative
3.Anxious to talk about these shows

    What’s the end result? My reviews of The L Word series finale and the Breaking Bad season premiere in haiku form. Not familiar with this form of Japanese poetry? (Sidenote: Where were you in third grade?)

    It’s three lines and 17 syllables long. It’s a 5-7-5 pattern my friends. Try to keep up. Usually Haikus are about things existing in nature or the seasons but this won’t be the first time an American has bastardized something from Japan. (Sorry about Godzilla and Benihana!)

    The L Word Finale Haiku Review:

    Mystery unsolved

    Who killed Jenny? I think

    you can Bette on it

    The Breaking Bad Season 2 Premiere Haiku Review:

    Ten more deals to go

    Kidnapped? That will slow things down

    Bad is great again

    Follow these links for L Word and Breaking Bad reviews with a little more meat to them.

    Image via tv.ign.com

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    Scene: My Parents’ Kitchen, Wednesday January 21

    Me: Working feverishly on a crossword puzzle following a long day of traveling. On thw TV? The back end of a pisspoor episode of Top Chef.

    I don’t realize what I’d done until I started seeing updates on the Twitter.

    Damn! The episode will not look nearly as awesome on my laptop!

    Anyone else ever forget to watch one of their favorites? It’s annoying isn’t it? Worse yet? Avoiding spoilers and plot points until I can get home from work tonight.If you watched the episode, feel free to leave a non-spoiler review in the comments.

    Image: http://www.umbc.edu/blogs/changingaging/lost-logo.jpg

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    After a very busy work week I was finally able to screen the intense, four hour premiere of season 7 of Fox’s 24. Now, I’ve been a fan of the show for about half of a decade and have seen every episode, often watching 24 episodes in one short weekend. An obsession? No, just good TV.


    Anyway, this season started off pretty strong, with a great twist in hour 3. But this is not a post about the series as is. Instead, I want to focus on something that stood out to me in this premiere more than in any other season: the music. The soundtrack for 24 is always intense, always heavy and loud and jolting. However, I found this premiere’s soundtrack to not only fill the usual role, but also to add a new element with fresh sounds that sync very well with the plot and action. Not only was the sound great throughout the action sequences, but it was particularly good during the build up prior to action scenes.

    So keep your ears open for the next show and let me know if you find your reaction as positive as mine!

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    Tonight, we come together as a nation to welcome back American Idol. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it. I am geeked as usual to see who will rise to the top and which fans I will piss off the fastest. (It’s been a rocking year Archuleta people!)

    I will be playing American Idol bingo once again. I wanted to update the card to factor in the new judge, Kara Dioguardi, but the computer is in the hospital, and with it, my precious blogging documents. For now, we’ll stick with the old card and if you’re tech and/or cut and paste savvy feel free to add a few new squares. Here are some suggestions:

    -A tie among the four judges

    -Infighting between Paula and Kara

    -A contestant calls home after getting a Golden Ticket

    Also, I like to yell “Seacrest Out!” when I get a bingo. It really spices up the night.

    Any other ideas? Let’s dish about it tomorrow in the Hump Day Update

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    January is basically the new September. Not only do you have to welcome brand new shows into your previously established and well-honed TV line-up (Damn you Trust Me!) but you have to find spots for old favorites that are just getting started like 24 and Lost. Without some organizational wizardry it can get pretty ridiculous. Thank heavens The TV Addict has come to my rescue once again and put together a calendar of the premieres and returning shows so you won’t miss anything.

    You can download a copy for yourself right here!

    And take a look at January 18th. My brain might explode from premium cable awesomeness.

    january18Image: theTVaddict.com

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    24 Redemption: Thoughts?


    So I fell in love with Jack Bauer all over again tonight during Redemption, the 24 TV-movie. It was far from groundbreaking but it was nice to see America’s home-grown sueprhero in a new environment (a fictional country in Africa) and meet the cast of sinister characters we’re going to run into in season seven. Tonight’s two-hour movie definitely laid the ground work for what looks like a pretty rip-roaring good time.

    And by good time, I mean pretty dangerous and scary. They’re already burying bodies in cement. Where do you go from there?

    Anyone else watch tonight? Thoughts?

    If you missed the special, no worries. You can buy the DVD on Tuesday. Nice work Fox.

    Image: http://www.dvdrama.com/

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    Prepare yourselves for a little epic TV tomorrow night when comedian Dave Chappelle trades seats with James Lipton for the 200th episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio.

    Lipton will finally get his chance in the hot seat and who better to ask that stack of questions than Chappelle? It’s going to be a night of good humor, lots of clips, memories and probably some pretty cool insights from a man who’s seen and met pretty all of the Hollywood heavyweights.

    I can’t wait to hear what his favorite swear word is.

    The two-hour season premiere/200th episode airs Monday night on Bravo at 8/7c.

    PS: Anyone else remember when all Bravo had was this show and weird Cirque de Soleil specials? Thank heavens for Queer Eye right?

    Photo: http://www.eonline.com

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    1. Another sparkling performance by Tina Fey playing everyone’s favorite Lady Governor on SNL Thursday tonight.

    2. The fact that you can watch the premiere in its entirety right now on Hulu and NBC.com. Awesome? Yes. Does it steal a little thunder from the premiere? Double yes.

    I plan on holding out. I’ve waited this long to see the premiere and I wait one more week to see it live..or at least time-shifted on my TV. Hey, turns out there is a reason to keep the darn thing.

    For now, I’ll tide myself over with old clips. Ahh the memories.

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