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I’m not exactly the biker type. I don’t care too much for skull patches embroidered onto leather jackets or loud, booming tailpipes. In fact, that stuff normally kind of bothers me. So, obviously, I was apprehensive about my brother’s request to catch the FX show Son’s of Anarchy. Before committing, I did a little research. I found showrunner Kurt Sutter’s twitter account and blog. After browsing old blog posts and his somewhat flippant tweets, I decided to give his show a chance.

And, turns out, I’m really glad I did. Sutter is a daring writer. He twists and turns the plot and characters in dynamic ways that keep me engaged and, for lack of a better phrase, on the edge of my seat. He’s thought through these characters, and with the help of his team of writers, he’s made fresh stories that get stronger every week.

This week is the season finale. A 90-minute event that will, hopefully, provide answers and close doors that need to be closed. Will you be watching?

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After a shocking dismissal of my favorite chef Antonia last week, I am not as excited for tonight’s Top Chef season finale. Stephanie wins everything (yet still seems surprisingly modest and grateful) so if she eeks it out it’s no surprise. Richard is also an innovative and talented chef. He may have dropped the ball these past few weeks but came back strong in part one of the finale. Though I have a feeling that car was a nice second place gesture.

I think the folks over at Bravo want a lady Top Chef. There’s never been one, and I think the producers are getting restless. Tiffani and Casey came close but both just couldn’t stack up against some amazing technically masterful chefs. This time, Stephanie meets or exceeds Richard in a lot of areas. If ever there was a good shot for the women, this is it.

You may be thinking, “What about Lisa?”Lisa is a walking disaster who’s been in the bottom too many times to count..okay 6 times. Her food doesn’t look appetizing (and since she’s only won one challenge, it must not taste too appetizing either), she has a bad attitude, she’s always on the defensive and now she has a greasy looking hair cut…plus she hates bloggers. Shocking! If she managed to win this show, Top Chef would lose all of its credibility.

Photo: I’d Dream

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It’s LOST Finale Night

I won’t try to guess what’s going to happen on tonight’s 2-hour finale. The rest of the blogosphere, however, is a-buzz with conspiracy theories. Like the helpful sales associate at Target who tells you you can find that lotion at Wal-Mart, I’ve decided to send you somewhere else for all things Oceanic 6.

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If these spots aren’t satiating your fix, bookmark TVaddict.com and follow along with his live-blog tonight.

PS: I hope Jin doesn’t die.

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For the good of the contest, music, and the remaining months of a boy’s childhood, I am rooting for David Cook to win American Idol tonight.

Disagree, write messages in all caps, call me tone deaf, call me stupid, say what you will. Winning this is not in the cards for him. Let him grow up, let him find a passion for music rather than a talent for it. Once he’s inspired, no doubt his music will be too.

And remember, coming in second isn’t a death sentence, not even close. Clay Aiken is promoting a hit album right now while Taylor Hicks just got dropped from his record label and is playing Teen Angel in Grease on Broadway.

Whether you love David Archuleta or you hate him, you know the right thing to do. Support David Cook in his effort to be your next American Idol.

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Despite being two separate episodes strung together with a title screen, tonight’s Desperate Housewives finale still managed to pack a pretty solid wallop of suspense, outlandish mystery, whimsy and humor.

If you haven’t had a chance to commit to tonight’s epic, it’s probably best you bypass the rest of this post. For those of you who tuned in, let’s dish.

  • Maynard? Not a bad name for a baby…goat that is. They couldn’t compromise and make Maynard a middle name? I digress. Regardless, Maynard will end up in the newborn baby mystery spot. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, this is where all the newborn babies go when their parents are out having fun and getting into hilarious hijinks. (See: Emma on Friends, Ben on Desperate Housewives, etc.)
  • Anyone else glad Kayla’s gone? I would be happy if that storyline is just gone forever. Tom can mention her in passing but if she ever finds her way back to Wysteria Lane it will be too soon.
  • Katherine’s husband Wayne went from zero to batshit nuts in about 40 minutes. At first he was kind of a stereotypical abusive husband character, more intimidation than anything else. Then tonight, he kidnaps, he almost kills, he tortures, he threatens. WTF? Did it seem sudden for anyone else or am I just a poor judge of TV characters?
  • And speaking of which – Romanian orphanage? Katherine Mayfair is officially the most desperate of the desperate housewives.
  • I missed whether or not Gabby made it out with the duffle of money. Any chance she’ll hold on to it?

So much to think about this summer.

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