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Goodbye Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, better known as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, passed away this morning.

Lesser’s career spanned 60 years and included television roles on ER, thirtysomething, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

You’ll be missed Len. Here’s one of my favorite Leo moments.


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Mr. Cunningham (Tom Bosley) and Mrs. Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley) passed away in the past week.

It’s sad, and a bit depressing…more so when you remember that their deaths will inevitably come in a set of three, as most celebrity deaths so.

30ish years from now, all of my generation’s TV parents will be passing away. Will we mourn Carl Winslow? I hope so.

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SO we’re back, and it feels gooooooood. You know who isn’t feeling so good though? The folks behind ABC’s show “My Generation”.  It was reported today, after having just two eps air, that ABC pulled the plug on the soap-y drama about 20 somethings “making sense of their lives 10 years after graduation.”

And to this I say, PEACE OUT! Ever since the marketing campaign for this hot mess began last summer, I have been dreading this show. Now before I bash, I have to be honest. I’ve only seen the trailer; never have I sat through a full ep. I just can’t bring myself to do it. The thing is, the concept is actually kind of cool. It’s certainly not groundbreaking (in any way at all), but the idea of depicting characters as products of the news events of their “generation” has potential.

nothing cliche about it...

However, “My Generation” failed to reach that potential. The show takes itself too seriously, and thus, is a joke. Each character is a self-proclaimed stereotype, lacking the charm of possessing any complexity. They fill cookie-cutter roles and say lines that are deliberately melo-dramatic, intended to manipulate viewers. VOMIT.

Normally I get angry with networks for jumping the gun and cancelling shows without giving them time to breathe. But in this circumstance, to ABC, I say well done.

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Bea Arthur Dies At Age 86


It’s been awhile since we lost a television star. Bea Arthur was more than just a celebrity, she was a television icon, a strong woman to be admired and a damn good actress.

Most people (my age especially) remember her best from Golden Girls. She was Dorothy, the level-headed, sarcastic, straight woman with some of the best dry jokes around. I got to “discover” Bea Arthur all over again when I found Maude a few years later. That show made me laugh and think and cry. Not every show gets to do that, not every actress can pull it off. She could. She did. She was truly a dynamo.

This clip needs no introduction. Rest in peace Bea Arthur.

Image: http://terrystuff.files.wordpress.com

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Isaac Hayes’ voice dripped sex and his comedic stylings on South Park made him one of my favorite voice actors of all time. Hayes died yesterday of unknown causes.

My mother came down the stairs this morning and realized two of her favorites (Hayes and Bernie Mac) died way too soon. She commiserated over coffee.

“Isaac gone, Barry gone, Luther gone…there’s no crooner’s left.”

She means Black ones. We’re still rooting for you Tony Bennett.

Hayes was 65.

Photo: BMI.com

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Original King of Comedy Bernie Mac passed away yesterday after a brief battle with pneumonia. He was 50-years-old.

Most people know him from his popular Fox sitcom, The Bernie Mac Show, which ended it’s 5-year run in 2006. But his stand-up appearances put him on the map. I miss his booming voice and wide smile already.

Forget rock and roll heaven, TV Heaven is filling up way too fast this year. Way too fast.

Photo. Gawker.com

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Estelle Getty died today. She was 84 and very sick. She had a rare form of Alzheimer’s Disease and had been sick for some time. Because she’d been out of the limelight so long, most people probably thought she was already gone.

But instead of feeling sad for losing another great actor this year (seriously 2008! Why?!) let’s just laugh for awhile okay?

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