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Emily Nussbaum‘s latest NY Mag piece definitively declares the upcoming Fall TV slate to be the season of “The She-Runner”. A new ruling class of female Show runners, writers and actresses, spreading the big, bad female agenda on TV’s nation-wide. Rawr.

this seems appropriate here

Nussbaum writes that all of the Major Networks’ new comedy pilots are, mostly, helmed by females and star a fresh sort of female lead. They each, in one way or another, present a more “hard-edged” woman. Gone are the days of the dough-eyed dork (although the sole exception, and Nussbaum acknowledges it, is New Girls and happens to star just that in its’ lead Zooey Deschanel). What’s “exciting” is how this crop breaks free from former wimpy female leads of the past and instead depicts a grittier breed. Here we have the modern woman. More willing to declare her opinion. Move over Betty Draper, it’s Peggy-on-steroids time.

And my reaction? Meh.

It’s definitely refreshing to have more women on the screen and to have them in starring roles. But, have you watched the trailers for these shows? I mean, really? Uh-Oh. Yikes!

But, I’ll probably give them all a chance. I’m a fan of a lot of these female writers. Especially, New Girl scribe, Liz Meriwether. I also highly recommend Molly Mclear’s blog (she’s joined the writing room for 2 Broke Girls). I’m just really hoping these trailers are the worst of what’s to come and that we can expect more than these one-note, “unconventional” female leads.

Lena Dunham

However, I will say, I’m thrilled to hear Nussbaum enjoyed Girls. Lena Dunham‘s HBO series is something I’ve been looking forward to, anxiously, since renting Tiny Furniture months ago. But calling it the “Great Lady Hope of HBO” might be a tad pre-mature.


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The New NBCUniversal Logo…

is not a logo at all. It’s a shitty font. This isn’t a 4th grade report on tigers, it’s a huge company right? Right? You there NBCUniversal?



There are thousands, literally thousands of out of work graphic designers out of work. I bet they’re fuckin’ furious right now. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have NBC. You want to be at the top of your game again right? This isn’t the way you go about it.

And in case you’re wondering what they were “improving” upon, here’s the old logo.

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Dear Michael,

If the Gilligan’s Island movie comes to fruition and if Sherwood Schwartz (hard to believe he’s still kicking) comes to your house and begs you to suit up and play the role of Gilligan, just say no. Yes, he’s a TV legend but this movie is headed straight for late night monologue fodder.

Be affable, be gentle, say it lovingly and with a smile. But whatever you do, do not for a second squeeze into that dopey hat.

Yes, it would be adorable but that’s one slippery slope my friend.


The folks at edubTV

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ABC announced they are not ordering any additional episodes of Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money or 2007’s golden child Pushing Daisies.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Image: Entertainment Weekly

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HBO is working out a deal to sell their some of their TV shows on iTunes.

While this is great news, the real headline here is that the episodes are probably going to sell for more than the $1.99 price-point Apple has for the rest of their TV content. This is the first time in Apple’s agreed to different pricing structure ever (at least on iTunes USA).

You may recall NBC taking their shows off the online megastore after Apple refused to sell episodes of The Office, Law & Order and the rest of the line-up for $4.99. I bet the honchos over at the peacock are pretty pissed tonight.

But honestly, most episodes of HBO shows are worth more than $2. The network boasts an amazing canon of modern television. (Deadwood, Sex & The City, Six Feet Under, Big Love, The Sopranos, Extras, Bill Maher, etc.) Hell, I’d pay $5 to watch Bret and Jemaine any day.

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It’s official! Scrubs is making the jump to ABC.

Zach Braff posted this message to fans on his MySpace page:

From: Zach Braff
Date: May 12, 2008 11:01 AM
Subject: Scrubs moves to ABC

Dear friends,

Many of you have been understandably confused by the Fairy Tale episode of Scrubs serving as the series finale. It was not. I was not allowed to say it until today, but Scrubs will be moving to ABC for its final season. We are currently filming the 8th and final season. The true finale of the show will air on ABC in the fall. NBC merely promoted the Fairy Tale episode as the finale, as it was the last episode they owned.

Also, several of you were very confused by the fact that Dr. Kelso and Laverne were still working at the hospital in the Fairy Tale episode. Because of the writer’s strike, the last remaining episodes for NBC were aired out of order. This is why Dr. Kelso was still chief of medicine. That was not Laverne however, for those of you who have been following closely; it was a new nurse “Shirley” who no one thinks looks anything like Laverne except for JD.

Hope this clears some things up.

peace and love,

Great news! And thanks for clearing up that shitty fairytale business ZB.

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NBC aired the Scrubs “finale” last night. I throw “finale” in quotes because it wasn’t quite a series finale and not really a season finale. I filled you in on the battle NBC and ABC are having over the quirky medical drama. Chances are, it will be heading to ABC this fall, but things aren’t certain.

Anyway, NBC went forward with a sort of send-off, sort-off final episode. Zach Braff directed the episode which was based loosely on The Princess Bride. Cute idea. Soem of Scrubs‘ best episodes broke their one-camera comedy conventions. But this time it was just…okay. The episode would’ve been just mediocre if it hadn’t been labeled as the finale. But because it was, I had high expectations.

The episode was unfunny from start to finish. I only chuckled at the occasional joke about horse manure, a sad state of affairs. There were few conventions of a series or a season finale. Relationships didn’t seemed wrapped up (series) but there weren’t any cliffhangers (season). Other than people in funny costumes and make-up, it was just ordinary.

If ABC doesn’t pick it up, Scrubs will go down in history in the annals of shows with poor finales. Who else is in that book? Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls, and even Arrested Development finished on a sour note. It’s a shame really, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing the gang. But if it is I will try to remember the good times…especially the funny ones.

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