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Sweater Vest to the Rescue

So we’ve been through a few episodes of SKINS: America  since our last g-chat convo post. There are many reasons for this. Mostly, the show has been a buzz kill and I’m not happy about it. However, being such a loyal fan of the original and also being super into teen angst lately, I’ve decided to stick with it and my blogging partner is standing by my side. So here it is, folks:

Slamwich: Five minutes! Ready the witticisms!

Ediddy: haha. we’re literally gonna watch it LIVE

Slamwich: Can I get a what-what for technology?

Ediddy: raising my roofs

Slamwich: I’m watching the tail end of Jersey Shore on mute. I hate how much these kids get paid? Why did I go to college?

Ediddy: haha, theyre gross. ALL RIGHT

Slamwich: Yay! I hope Sweater Vest doesn’t ruin everything

Ediddy: all we have is hope

Slamwich: LOL

Slamwich: In the previously on skins, I hear lines from the other episodes that I totally missed.

Ediddy: haha, yea… the plot all of sudden makes sense?

Slamwich: The episodes look better

Ediddy: haha yes, so far good

Slamwich: someone described the kids on this show as looking malnourished

Ediddy: daisys boobs make another appearance

Slamwich: They should win best supporting actress in a drama

Ediddy: hahaha

Slamwich: Wouldn’t they give him his clothes back?

Ediddy: we’ve maxed out on silliness

Slamwich: What kind of Canada is this?

Ediddy: hahaha

Slamwich: So everyone likes Tea right? Is there anyone on the show that doesn’t?

Ediddy: hahah


Ediddy: yea she gets around, shes very likable

Slamwich: And I continue to hate every adult on this show

Ediddy: yea. im loving the weed butt conversation

Slamwich: It’s nice to be reminded that they are in fact high school boys

Ediddy: right, yea

Ediddy: and we’re back!

Slamwich: Who is this asshole? People like this don’t exist in real life.

Ediddy: yea this is dumb. again

Slamwich: They could save this right now if one of the kids got killed by a moose

Ediddy: hahahahahah a whole new turn for SKINS: America

Slamwich: Daisy knows a lot about bears. And why shouldn’t she? That’s logical for a 16 year old girl from Baltimore

Ediddy: hahaha

Slamwich: Is that Betty? Was her name Betty? She’s in the class?

Ediddy: yea, shes been in a few eps, im glad they didnt drop her

Slamwich: Me too. I hope she gets to talk.

Ediddy: im sure tea will bone some boys before she and betty bone again though

Slamwich: As long as it’s not Tony again. Too much.

Ediddy: oh chris and his ghetto speak

Slamwich: That fade is the most accurate thing on this show

Ediddy: HA. the girls are good. the boys are bad.

Slamwich: It should be the girls and Chris. He can stay.Yes! Betty! Well that was brief

Ediddy: hahahaha. that was great. more stuff like that and im back on the skins bus

Slamwich: Exactly. Maybe Sweater Vest’s episode can save this after all


Slamwich: And did Tea really need to bring her leather jacket to the woods?

Ediddy: haha, im sorry but i love tea’s style. i dig it

Slamwich: To the woods though? The woods? I am too busy dressing for the weather I suppose.

Ediddy: haha yea, well they didnt expect that. thats how she gets betty. that and her northern soul

Slamwich: Touche.


Slamwich: Jazzed up negro spirituals have that affect on people. The water would ruin the weather!

Ediddy: haha omg. the teacher and chris have chemistry

Slamwich: Which is a little creepy. The only time it wasn’t: Ms. Jacobs and Pacey on Dawson’s Creek.

Ediddy: ha and aria and her teach on pretty little liars

Slamwich: I think it’s weird because somehow he seems more together than she does

Ediddy: great song. oh god. tony sucks

Slamwich: Great for summertime. I see why they picked it. The Music Supervisor is doing a great job.

Ediddy: ya he’s good

Slamwich: Oooh are they blending season 1 and season 3? Please let someone get hit with a rock!

Ediddy: haah the mushroom talk. Hahahah. then have sex. rock murder sex

Slamwich: We are saving the show with these innovations

Ediddy: it’s like tony is reading the script, like literally holding it and reading it. lick a toad. haha gross

Slamwich: YES! This is like that scene in sandlot.

Ediddy: that was an exorcist moment for stanley

Slamwich: This episode just took a turn for the better. Slapping, vomit, naked teachers.

Ediddy: haha. always a plus

Slamwich: Now we need someone to get injured, then rock murder sex

Ediddy: perfect. they should also play a florence and the machine song during it all

Slamwich: Yes! Cosmic Love

Ediddy: uh oh night time. sex time

Slamwich: They all use each other for sex and drugs. My friends and I used to drink smirnoff ice in the basement and play scattergories.

Ediddy: hahahaha

Slamwich: Who was that sleeping? Solved.

Ediddy: haha yea

Slamwich: Who kicks Betty out of bed?

Ediddy: haha. tea is confused. i like it. shes interesting

Slamwich: She’s got a little complexity. I like that she frustrates me. Everyone else just annoys me.

Ediddy: right

Slamwich: God I hope there’s a murderer in the woods

Ediddy: i think she’s the most realistic teenage character

Slamwich: I laughed a lot harder than I thought I would at that “mount my pole” joke

Ediddy: HAHAHA. Yea. we’ve seen daves package wayyy too many times this episode

Slamwich: Way too many times. Yikes City.

Ediddy: ya i feel like tony is stalking tea.

Slamwich: He seems a bit obsessed.

Ediddy: really that was silly

Slamwich: They had a great opportunity there to shift a few things…and then nothing happened.

Slamwich: Tuck that one away, “What you want isn’t how I’m built.” She’s also a robot

Ediddy: hahahahaha. at least they gave that some sort of resolution. i was already sick of him liking her and it’s only been this episode

Slamwich: 45 minutes too long

Ediddy: oy. tanley is still pooping?

Slamwich: Also 45 minutes too long

Ediddy: bahahaha. the weed fist bump. these kids ONLY care about drugs

like it’s the only thing that they actually care about

Slamwich: It’s the way addicts are

Ediddy: all the teens are addicts

Slamwich: And malnourished.

Ediddy: haha

Slamwich: I wish MTV could’ve just aired the UK one. Even censored it would be better.

Ediddy: ya. or maybe if they approached it differntly? BEAR GAYS. yessss

Slamwich: Canadian Bear Gays! And Rangers!

Ediddy: murder rock sex time

Slamwich: The main event!

Ediddy: i always hide under tarps in mysterious vans

Slamwich: Duh! All smart kids do. Oh hell no!

Ediddy: ugh. Well that happened

Slamwich: I hate Tony. And it was too dark to see anything leading up to that.

Ediddy: sweater vest is good in this scene

Slamwich: OH SHIT That’s what I yelled at the TV

Ediddy: he should be dead

Slamwich: For sure. Yeah that was a good scene. Didn’t need it to be resolved like this.

Ediddy: ugh. that was weird

Slamwich: How many people have to be seriously injured before they cancel this trip?

Ediddy: hahaha… screaming tea really? well some of that was good

Slamwich: That would’ve been way better if he screamed from the top of the ropes course. Better than most

Ediddy: yea- better than the other ones for sure. i never feel like much is accomplished

Slamwich: Because whenever they get close to accomplishing something they cut to soemthing stupid

Ediddy: yep

Ediddy: b for msic?

Slamwich: B for the t-shirts. I want one. C for Abbud on the platform. F for Tony. A for the promo for next week.

Ediddy: haha yea. i agree. nicely done

Slamwich: Thanks. I would also like to give an A to the East Coast feed.

Ediddy: haha agreed


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Hello Folks. We’re back with our 2nd installment of our soon to be famous, blogger-to-blogger live Skins g-chat session. I don’t even know what I just said. Anywhere, here it is… read (with caution) as you watch MTV’s Skins, episode 3: CHRIS (spoilers ahead if you can figure them out)…

Slamwich: ready!

ediddy: haha let’s begin!! TV MA. the intro for this series is pretty cool

Slamwich: It’s growing on me a bit. I’m getting better at separating the two series in mind.

ediddy: “erectagra”

Slamwich: I had about 6 friends in high school who looked like that kid.

ediddy: haha he’s fairly generic. well so far this is exactly the same

Slamwich: Where do unstable people get cash from?

ediddy: mothers

Slamwich: Is there some kind of Crazy ATM?

ediddy: ugh this abu abud kid annoys me

Slamwich: They need more Black friends. He is a poor substitute.

ediddy: agreed. tea rockin the tank. accurate

Slamwich: someone did their research. Why is that Abu kid in a sweater vest? These kids must be high.

ediddy: haha. im going to say “jiggy” every time i want to dance from now on


Slamwich: Oh gross!

ediddy: yea that was gross

Slamwich: Who could possibly stay seated. That was worse than last week’s dance sequence.

ediddy: hahahaha. i liked the dance

Slamwich: Blassie thought this was an ’80s party.

ediddy: hahahah. that sweater vest is toooo much. chris is kind of cute. I SEE A BLACK KID. BEHIND CHRIS’S RIGHT SHOULDER

Slamwich: He’s not as attractive as UK Chris, but he’ll do for America. Hey! A black friend! This teacher is a whore on wheels.

ediddy: haha

Slamwich: That kid was cock blocked by his own cock. Oh high schoolers

ediddy: haha nice. this ep is literally exactly the same

Slamwich: Why are they staying in his gross house?

ediddy: the acting was about 1000 times better in the british series. it’s kind of amazing actually. literally the same words and im not convinced

Slamwich: There are no talented young people left in this country. And the ones that are can’t be bothered with teenage smut. It’s unfortunate.

ediddy: haha daisy is way more slutty than jal

Slamwich: And she has better boobs.

ediddy: haha agreed. daisy is kinda hot. she’s like another tea… milk mustaches!!!!

Slamwich: Soooo ’90s.

ediddy: ok i laughed out loud at the cup on the penis thing

Slamwich: I totally missed that little easter egg. Blassie is super tall. Are her feet off the couch?

ediddy: haha she is tall

Slamwich: Those better be deep dish. Over $120 bucks for 5 pizzas?

ediddy: hahahahaha. no joke. here we go, turn from comedy to drama in .2 seconds… i sense a formula here

Slamwich: This seems a lot sadder in this version. I think it’s because he seems a little more lucid than UK Chris.

ediddy: interesting… yea, i think thats perceptive, it’s def sadder

Slamwich: Oh god and he broke a mirror!

ediddy: of course

Slamwich: This kid is having a rough day.

ediddy: this is JUST like the other ep – i shouldn’t have watched chris’s ep over the weekend


ediddy: WORD. it’s not working…”pile driver” WHAT IS GOING ON im going to start saying “it’s not common in my world ya know” a lot more

Slamwich: Sex Position Chat with your favorite high school juniors.

This is making republicans cry

ediddy: hahahaha

Slamwich: It’s 2011, who’s buying a CD player? Oddly enough, this show is trapped in time.

ediddy: last weeks episode was a lot better

Slamwich: Too much Stanley and Sweater Vest this week. Less wacky Nanas.

ediddy: yea

Slamwich: Also, this show is not very good at casting drug dealers.

ediddy: agreed. dirty sanchez is not acceptable

Slamwich: To his credit, pills looked like a much better deal.

ediddy: hahah yea… oh this is a fun trip. it’s like a fred durst music video

Slamwich: “Just give me something to break!”

ediddy: noooooooooookie

Slamwich: I miss 10 years ago

ediddy: i dont

ediddy: this is just sad. oh my god that fall would kill someone

Slamwich: I liked the “newness” of last week better but this episode is all the best of the original.

ediddy: i dont know im not feeling it

Slamwich: That “Hollaback” just saved the scene.

ediddy: “youre a very hostile little dude” is funny…totally, more people need to say holla back… sometimes the music is amazing. sometimes it kind of sucks… THE BUTT SCENE. the PTC IS CRINGING

Slamwich: They are shaking/crying/yelling at Obama right this second.

ediddy: shaking their fists in the air… tea… tank top. im telling you.

ediddy: cute baby alert

Slamwich: I have a cousin who looks just like that baby. #whitesideofthefamily

ediddy: hahaha. chris is shining here

Slamwich: They need to do some serious thinning of the herd after season one.

ediddy: agreed

Slamwich: Enjoy your brush with fame sweater vest

ediddy: haha. the editing is so imovie 2008

Slamwich: This whole thing is like a Com Arts project.

ediddy: agreed

Slamwich: Unrecognizable music, yelling, bad acting, etc.

ediddy: it’s like it’s trying too hard to be hipster

Slamwich: Because they’re sticking so close to the original, it doesn’t feel very American.

ediddy: exactly… ep 2 worked because it was fresh. this isnt

Slamwich: There needs to be a happy medium though. There was too much new last week and zero this week.

ediddy: yea thats the problem. blassie is next week.

Slamwich: OOH BLASSIE!

ediddy: did he just call her muffy

Slamwich: That was his best moment so far.

ediddy: blassies shirt is so delias

Slamwich: Yes! I remember that catalog. And Alloy. The height of fashion.

ediddy: yes! seriously daisy is a homo

Slamwich: She was more excited for boobs than Sweater Vest and that’s saying a lot.

ediddy: why is he still wearing that shirt. of course, he stays with the teacher

Slamwich: Sadness. Yeah teachers are mandated reporters so this would be the worst idea of all time.

ediddy: hahaahah, seriously…can you imagining harboring one of your students…

Slamwich: He will literally swallow anything. They are making drugs look kind of awesome on this show.

ediddy: yea. SO excited for blassie. and for TEA to return

Slamwich: Who was she hooking up with? Have we met her yet?

ediddy: i dont think so i think it was someone related to blassie…who knows

Slamwich: Mama Blass

ediddy: shall we do our grading?

ediddy: d for story, c for puns/slang, b+ for outfits/accuracy

Slamwich: D+ for slavishness B for making drugs look appealing F for Sweater Vest

ediddy: glorious. well next week will be better. it cant be worse. clearly we were better represented last week

Slamwich: I actually preferred this week to last…even if it means we can’t be friends anymore

ediddy: WHAT?? explain

Slamwich: I liked the familiarity. The kid playing Chris can hold his own. It felt like it was going somewhere, possibly because I knew where it was going. Tea’s episode felt a little rushed.

ediddy: ah yea i agree thats fair. chris was good. the pacing was steady for sure

Slamwich: One too many persecution story lines to squeeze in last week.

ediddy: haha thats true. too many minorities maybe.

Slamwich: We were all up in there last week. There were more minorities in last week’s episode than the entire run of Will & Grace.

And there it is folks. Come back next as we chat our way through Cadie’s episode!

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Hello all edubbers and random, lonely blog browsers! Today we are announcing a very exciting, new initiative here at edub. We have decided to enact a brand-spanking new, weekly installment for your reading pleasure. What could it be, the overzealous, but very cute, reader asks? It is all your dreams and more.

We have decided to create an editor-to-editor, unfiltered, live-blogging TV show g-chat session! We’re officially starting with MTV’s controversial spin-off of the wildly successful and impressive series SKINS. Who’s excited?! Probably not the PTC! Who cares about those geezers anyway? (And if you haven’t seen season 1 of the UK version, there are a few spoiler alerts toward the bottom. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

So to kick off this ridiculously exciting, mind-blowing gift to humankind, we present:


Tea stands for too many inane slang terms and a ridiculous amount of shock-induced commentary on persecution.

Ediddy: shall we “officially” begin

Slamwich: i heard the noise! I think I have to be in a different window. yes! I’m ready

Ediddy: but seriously MTV with the age limit… that’s just frustrating. ok i dont want to start of from a place of anger.

Slamwich: I wonder if they would’ve had that for undressed

Ediddy: you know i loved undressed

Slamwich: no one said anything about undressed

Ediddy: it’s the gay ep. of course they would do that.

Slamwich: The show was called undressed for gosh sakes

Ediddy: did you hear that taco bell pulled from advertising. mark that as a WIN for skins. those idiots and their law suits

Slamwich: It’s the first non-beef beef taco. You’re welcome PETA

Ediddy: it’s death in a shell

Slamwich: Mmmm a delicious crispy shell

Ediddy: haha right

Slamwich: TV-MA warning. Watching last week’s scenes

Ediddy: perfect

Slamwich: Theme song!

Ediddy: i want to take a busload of pills

Slamwich: Who doesn’t?

Ediddy: uk theme song is way better

Slamwich: I want the UK theme song to be my ringtone

Ediddy: most definitely. i will say they hit the “hot” part of “hot lesbian” right

Slamwich: What does Northern Soul mean?

Ediddy: #imapedophile

Slamwich: Is that a thing?

Ediddy: northern soul is a type of music…ya, like mod music, like fast paced r and b, aka this song

Slamwich: Were those pills or candies?

Ediddy: hahahahahah. pillz. im guessing speed. oh shes sassy. i also wish i was cool enough to do that with my laces and converse. shown up by a teen again

Slamwich: This girl likes EVERYBODY! She’s a Papi in training.

Ediddy: i just spit out a pasta. and they are having sex

Slamwich: Did she just go home with that woman? Whhaaaaa?!

Ediddy: ok wait up. are they in high school?

Slamwich: Oh that girl looked much older at night

Ediddy: hahaha ya. no thats the kid from her class. oh hay shes a jewish lesbian

Slamwich: The dad looks just like Tony’s dad. I think they’re saving on “dad looking” actors

Ediddy: “werent you the tomboy that liked to climb trees”

Slamwich: That screams young teenage lesbian

Ediddy: right, who’s young white son is that

Slamwich: “The L Word upsets grandma.”

Ediddy: in more ways than one. the straight girl called her boobs puppies. just sayin

Slamwich: Does anyone actually say that?

Ediddy: i dont

Slamwich: LOTTA LICKIN?????

Ediddy: HAHAHA. That dad is awesome. i like daisy – they are cute as friends

Slamwich: She seems nice. A little heavy with the innuendos and puns.

Ediddy: A LITTLE

Ediddy:  i love this music. this “northern soul” hahaha. but really

Slamwich: Oh is that what this is? I’m learning new things.

Ediddy: cadie is by far the best character

Slamwich: I’m calling her Black Cassie. Blassie

Ediddy: yea thats what it is – like upbeat, dance r and b – it’s a brit thing. oh yesssss. blassie it is. i can’t get over how much Tony looks like Bruno Mars. i love blassie

Slamwich: Finn from Glee +Bruno Mars = That kid that plays Tony

Ediddy: hahaha


Ediddy: chris and his hair. also, i think chris tries to look like a rainbow. oh teenagers and bright colors

Slamwich: These kids were 9 when that Super Bowl happened. That joke was a reach.

Ediddy: definite reach. also the make out sesh. foul


Ediddy: i sort of love this teacher

Slamwich: I love this cast of nuts he gathered.

Ediddy: right. what a gang

Slamwich: This just got weird.

Ediddy: seriously

Slamwich: Oh wait, that’s the drug dealer

Ediddy: yea. still weird

Slamwich: Totally forgot what he looked like.

Ediddy: i have that hoodie that stanleys wearing. you know just smokin a cig in the bathroom

Ediddy: also, can i just say, im really glad they put the straight girl in the argyle sweater and not tea

Slamwich: Tea dresses like Uncle Jesse

Ediddy: HAHAHA. she kind of does. it’s part of her nothern soul. did she just pull out a mini bottle of alcohol? that was awesome.

Slamwich: Is she drinking at school?

Ediddy: haha

Slamwich: I knew kids who made vodka lemonades in Math class senior year.

Ediddy: bettys scarf is unacceptable. yeah, my friend was big on vod in her evian

Slamwich: Betty may be president of the Junior League in her free time.

Ediddy: tea has that woozy look DOWN. Hahahahahahaa. totally

Slamwich: Is that supposed to be her sister?

Ediddy: i have no idea. she looks out of place. oy nana. oh man, i had that audrey poster. this is not happening

Slamwich: To Audrey freakin’ Hepburn….and NANA. REALLY SKINS??!

Ediddy: hahahahaha  skins just went black swan on us. “i want the sex” is hands down the greatest line ever.

Slamwich: Who talks like this to their grandma?

Ediddy: i think it’s cause she’s a bit cuckoo

Slamwich: What is this music

Ediddy: NOT northern soul. im snoring too nana im snoring too. jk that was deep


Ediddy: i dig this relationship. dad and daughter. this is nice.

Slamwich: He seems like a nice guy. I think I like Maxxie’s dad better. He taught dog’s to dance.

Ediddy: thats true. hard to top that… creeeeeepy apple man. mob ties are so clutch

Slamwich: I wish my mom would pay me to go on dates.

Ediddy: seriously – im not digging this new effy

Slamwich: Haven’t seen much of her

Ediddy: yea. playground drunken fun with adr laughter, this is too much. omg she puked

Slamwich: Just watching this makes me want to ralph

Ediddy: hahahaha

Slamwich: and then she did!

Ediddy: yea the spinning could stop. although it’s cool visually

Slamwich: The actors had to hate this

Ediddy: haha. i love tea

Slamwich: Pluck the lady harp… this Tony is something else. No one thinks of this stuff at 16

Ediddy: i know – the slang/puns/words. not workin. what’s going on here. what are they even talking about.

Slamwich: it’s lke code


Ediddy: oh dear, are they NORTHERN SOULING?


Ediddy: yea i can dig this

Slamwich: No one dances to slave songs and gets away with it

Ediddy: hahaha good call. semi-inappropriate. this is actually why taco bell backed out. oh hay cartwheels in dresses. he is trying a little too hard to hit his moves

Slamwich: 4-year-old style

Ediddy: gross. this hook up

Slamwich: You know who could’ve done Tony’s roll 5 years ago? Penn Badgely

Ediddy: ya good call… um hold up

Slamwich: Really Tea? Respect Yo’ Self

Ediddy: hahaha. no joke. oh thank god. laugh it off girl. we all make mistakes

Slamwich: That was…30 seconds long

Ediddy: wait im confused. they actually had sex? or did they stop?

Slamwich: I thought they did. Should I rewind or is that pervy?

Ediddy: let’s do it. for the sake of research. i went back to the kiss

Slamwich: Okay, we’re dancing, we’re dancing,

Ediddy: yeah i think the face pain is supposed to indicate that they did it, but woah, that was fast

Slamwich: No wonder she complained.

Ediddy: that was a cute moment, the “they must be stupid.” “sometimes” bit… so they just bumped and did it. shes gonna get preggo. hello spinoff

Slamwich: Ooh I hope not.

Ediddy: lesbian and a baby

Slamwich: Teen Mom Skins. It would combine the best of MTV

Ediddy: lesbian teen mom. Seriously. i cant take this drug dealer seriously. /still creepy

Slamwich: The Dad just scored some points with me.

Ediddy: yea dads awesome

Slamwich: Good job Super Dad

Ediddy: oh audrey

Slamwich: Did she just talk to Audrey?

Ediddy: you know it. this audrey-nana-tea thing, im sensing a theme, uh oh this is gonna be serious

Slamwich: Negro Spirituals AND Holocaust stories??? #superbowlofsuffering

Ediddy: gay holocaust stories. nana just said queers

Slamwich: Oh no way! They are laying it on thick.

Ediddy: (best hashtag ever, btw)

Slamwich: If she dies in this bed, I won’t be surprised.

Ediddy: no joke /this is poignant

Slamwich: Nana’s love is in Wisconsin

Ediddy: a farmer  of course

Slamwich: I will find her when I’m home next week.

Ediddy: i have to say they are finding new ways to talk about old themes i guess…and with the DAGGER… RUTHIE

Slamwich: It would’ve been more poignant if we hadn’t just seen two teens swing dance to negro spirituals

Ediddy: ya that put you off for sure

Ediddy: rocking the letterman. oh of course, tea and michelle are bffs. Did she just say it’s nice to “be jumped like that”?

Slamwich: I thought she said “Boys can be dumb like that” sometimes. Betty FTW!

Ediddy: word… good, follow up the homophobia with a fag joke

Slamwich: Yeah, that wasn’t the best approach.

Ediddy: oh jesus. k word. our n word. should i be angry?

Slamwich: This episode is running on all the persecution cylinders tonight

Ediddy: seriously. what just happened

Slamwich: They wrapped up the Stanley story line

Ediddy: hahahahahha. “i matched you” is not a thing. NOT a thing

Slamwich: Ahh my recording cut off!

Ediddy: OH NO. where were you

Slamwich: The last thing I got was ” I matched you.”

Ediddy: oh ok.  betty called. Tea said she had to go to tony. then ignored betty. and is now dancing to slave music. music is her anti-drug. and tony looks sad

Slamwich: NOBODY WINS!

Ediddy: that’s it. Wow. what an episode

Slamwich: Tea is too hard to please

Ediddy: next week is Chris. looks 100% the same as the UK one. his mom leaves and he stays with the teacher

Slamwich: Which I am okay with. I liked that storyline.

Ediddy: agreed. chris is cool.

Ediddy: so final thoughts?

Slamwich: The acting is by no means strong. But this week’s episode was definitely better than last week’s.

Ediddy: thats true. i stick to the point that cadies will be the best. teas interesting at least

Slamwich: Yeah she has a lot of layers. I don’t know if we needed all of them crammed into one episode or not.

Ediddy: thats the problem. it’d work as a series. exploring her life id say. but so much for 40 minutes, it short changes everything

Slamwich: Yeah she could hold her own. Which I don’t think I’m going to say for all the other ones.

Ediddy: yea thats true. im already bored of tony

Slamwich: Yeah I was kind of happy when he got run over by the bus in the UK version. I would be alright if that happened again. He could die this time. Put Effy in sooner. Make the friends struggle a little bit. If they drink this much now, just wait until their ringleader dies.

Ediddy: thatd be interesting. haha

Ediddy: well you think you’ll stick with it? im all for it

Slamwich: I’m 2 eps in now! I’ll probably keep watching.

Ediddy: they certainly tried to pack the shock in. hahahaha. we were both attacked in that one

Slamwich: They did. We get it Skins: You’re bold.

Ediddy: ha. i am obviously taking this show personally. it was a blatant attack on jewish lesbians

with black friends

Slamwich: I’ve already started my strongly worded letter

Ediddy: on nice stationary i presume

Slamwich: And speaking of which, these kids are living in Baltimore: Where are their black friends???

Ediddy: haha. Word. blassie does not count

Slamwich: Neither does racially ambiguous Betty.

Ediddy: hahaha. do you think she’ll be back?

Slamwich: I originally thought yes, but now that I think about it, probably not.

Ediddy: i know it’s weird – because in a normal show she would. but since they obviously change the story so much.  she probably wont

Slamwich: Yeah. But she won’t have a place in anyone else’s episode.

Ediddy: exactly.


Ediddy: well a+ for queer identity on tv. c for story. f for slang

Slamwich: F for the use of wade in the water, B+ for the use of the word “puppies”, A for supportive dads



And there you have it folks. Did you make it through? Did you care to even look?

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