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She liked this one. I much preferred hers.

When you’re right, you’re right.

“Everybody knows I’m a motherfuckin’ Mormon.”

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So, What Did I Miss?

Its been awhile huh? Since we left off, a lot has happened, new jobs, new cities, but only one new episode of Eastbound & Down. Impressive.

We’re making a triumphant return to edubTV, because…well…we have time on our hands. Why not use it laying on the couch, catching up with our very favorite medium?

To refresh myself and mentally prepare for blogging again, I read about 650 edubTV posts. (I told you, I have time on my hands.) And since it’s been almost a year and a half since we last wrote, they were kind of hilarious. I did notice a few things I got right, and not so right.

So its been 17 months, but I’m happy to be back. I have a few things to say, and finally, finally, five of you will be back to hear them.

Good to see you again too!

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700: The Series Finale of EdubTV

To the five readers (and the rest of you looking for pictures of Heat Miser, Jon Hamm and Lauren Graham),

This is the 700th and final post for our humble little blog, edubTV.

We started this little blog in September of 2007. I was a few weeks into grad school and Kramer was a junior in college. The two of us both graduated from our respective programs just over a week ago. We’ve got jobs to do (yikes!) and we won’t be able to blog with nearly as much regularity as we’d like. This blog has meant a lot, and I’d rather give it a proper send-off than let it fade into obscurity.

On a final note: TV gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to. Find the good stuff. If you don’t have a Nielsen box, support the advertisers, write production companies and networks. Good shows aren’t always blessed with audiences. Mediocrity is cheap and easy to produce. If you want well-made television, you’re going to have to fight for it.

It’s been a wild and crazy ride kids. Thanks for letting us into your Google Readers and into your hearts!

Much love,

The ladies at edubTV

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I don’t know why you’d expect me to show any other clip, especially when I’m posting it the day before the big day.

To all the moms out there, this one’s for you.

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Last year I tried to make new years resolutions for the blog. Let’s check in and see how I did.

  • I will try to embrace channels I don’t normally watch: Hmmm, I did start watching Style, Travel and Discovery but I can’t say I really stepped outside the lines at all. It was a valiant effort though.
  • I resolve to watch more news: This one I really did succeed at. It also helped that I started living with cable news junkies. I still prefer to read the news online or in the paper but it was fun being a MSNBC-rat for the past 12 months. That Rachel Maddow is flippin’ awesome!
  • I’m done settling for least objectionable programming: Yeah, I didn’t pull this one off. I still watch so much trash TV it’s sick. But then again, I’m a TV blogger so I’m dumb feeling bad about it.

I shold probably make some new blogolutions for this year. Here’s the list I have so far. Feel free to add your suggestions for others in the comments.

  • Watch more old TV: Not just old eps of Doogie Howser M.D. on Hulu, but true classics. I want to find time for more Lucy and Sanford & Son. I need a little history in my life.
  • Tweet More: I’m on twitter. It’s a great way to talk TV with other bloggers and even some actors. Kind of neat. If you’re on, follow me. If you’re not, start.
  • Read more TV stuff: I used to read a lot of journal articles about television and media when I studied both in undergrad but it’s definitely slipped off in the last few years. I would like to read more articles, autobiographies and industry magazines. Gotta stay ahead of the game.

What do you think folks? Any other ideas?

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My Black Friday Shopping List


Happy Turkey Day edubbers!

I am coming to you live and direct from the “library” at my parents’ house. It’s basically a room no one goes in where they keep the books they’ve never read. Such is life.

I’m taking a break from dessert chatter to bring you my Black Friday Shopping List for tomorrow. I am a bit disappointed at the selection this year but it’s not going to stop Brother Bear and I from getting up with the chickens for some pretty awesome deals.I won’t be in the market for too much TV on DVD tomorrow. It turns out I already own most of the stuff discount retailers tend to put on sale.I was hoping for 30 Rock season 2, no such luck.

If you’re in the market for seasons of Gilmore Girls, The Office, The Simpsons or House you can pretty much go anywhere tomorrow (Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart) and find them on sale. How I Met Your Mother is also a popular one this year.

Here’s what I’m going after:


Mad Men Season 1 – $12.99 -Circuit City (Retail Price $48.99)

Weeds Season 3 – $12.99 – Circuit City (Retail Price $39.98)


Sex & The City – $8.98 – Target (Retail Price $19.98)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – $8.98 – Target (Retail Price $19.98)

27 Dresses – $5.98 – Target (Retail Price $19.98)

Mrs. Doubtfire – $3.99 – Target (Retail Price $14.99)

Catch Me If You Can – $2.99 – Circuit City (Retail Price $9.00)

Reno 911: Miami – $3.99 – Circuit City (Retail Price $14.98)

For those of you who hate waking up early many of these deals are also available online. Amazon is having some pretty impressive deals tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

Image: http://www.nataliedee.com

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Hey Gentle Readers,

As many of you know, my brother and I are pretty fanatical Black Friday shoppers. We make sandwiches, we map out routes, we think of exit stratagies. Short of walkie-talkies we take Friday pretty seriously.

Every year I field the question: What are you shopping for? This time, I’ll deliver the goods. Since I’m mostly on the hunt for cheap seasons of TV on DVD, it’s only fitting to share just where the bargains and will be, places to avoid, etc.

Some of the ads are already out (Seriously Kohls? 58 Pages??) but the motherload is due on Thursday so I’ll make up a field guide in between the Parade and sticking my fingers into the sweet potatoes.

You’re Welcome,

1/3 of edubTV

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Everyone and your mother is reminding you to vote today. Who are we to avoid the fray? Vote. If nothing else you’ll get some free stuff out of the deal, like ice cream, donuts, or a vibrator.

When voting, make sure you don’t get sucked into the machine. If this election cycle has taught me anything it’s that nothing is off limits anymore.

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It’s the 500th post folks! Who knew this humble blog would make it this far? We’re celebrating this milestone with a website make-over, and a few new features to take us into the next era of so-so, witty TV blogging.

So here’s what you have to look forward to on the new edubTV:

  • Hump Day Update will now be an official weekly feature. Where else can I share the most ridiculous TV links I find throughout the week?
  • Contests: My brother wants to start giving stuff away. Most blogs that do this get their prizes for free. I on the otherhand will be going nuts for the edubTV public on the day after Thanksgiving. I hope you guys like Bargain DVDs!
  • The Podcast: This idea got tossed around earlier in the year, but I’m hoping to finally get it off the ground soon. Frankly, I hate the sound of my voice on the answering machine, so it may be a vodcast.
  • More Site Features: WordPress has the capability to do some pretty amazing stuff so we’re hoping to use those widgets and gizmos to make edubTV a more interactive site.
  • Whatever The Heck You People Want: Got a suggestion or something you want to see? Let us know. We’re pretty open to suggestions. It’s the fun and our five readers that got us this far.

So I can’t wait to get started on the next phase of this site. It’s been a very fun project for me and I’m looking forward to the future.

Your job? Spread the good word. No need to be major marketers here. I’m not asking you to join a street team…yet.  Just pass the word along to friends, roommates, significant others, strangers with good taste, etc. Your help is much appreciated.

Onward and upward friends and fans! See you at the 1000th post!

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Happy Birthday edubTV!

Today, we celebrate edubTV’s first birthday! Thanks to all of you, (friends, lurkers, and even the angry Archuleta fans) for making this year a blast.

We’re kicking off year two in high style as makeover plans for the blog are in the works. Hopefully we can get all our ducks in a row in time for the 500th post, a milestone we’ll hit in a little under a month.

Until then, eat some cake! edubTV would want you to.

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I finally went through with that New Year’s Resolution and bought the domain name for the humble blog. You can now get here just by going to edubTV.com. Feel free to update your Google Readers and favorite websites on Facebook accordingly.

Three cheers for legitimacy!

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So I am camping this weekend!

It’s In Tents. (Love that pun!)

Anyway, I actually wrote posts to tide you over this weekend and they’re scheduled to go up everyday I’m gone. You’re welcome. You can’t say I don’t take care of ya.

But this does mean I will not get to write about the spectacle/shitshow that will be the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

I will watch it on Sunday when I return and then we’ll dish. Easy on the spoiler alerts though.

Later peeps!

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