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Did anyone else collect milk ads in middle school? My friends and I were obsessed. #wisconsinkids

This one would’ve been my crown jewel.


[h/t TV Addict]

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Is it just me or are movie posters getting supaflydope lately? I was browsing Animal New York tonight and one of their bloggers briefly profiled these sweet “minimalist” film posters.

When I saw those, I immediately thought of this. (WANT)

Recently, my co-blogging edub partner mentioned buying this masterpiece. Now, she’s on the right track (…yes baby, she was born that way). But I want more! I want TV shows to consistently produce high quality posters as the norm.

Poster art is serious business to this edubber. How serious? Theme-of-my-bat-mitzvah serious. That’s right. Movie posters adorned the walls of the colorfully decorated Belvedere Recreation Center in the fall of ’92 when I celebrated becoming a daughter of the commandments and my mom caught [Redacted] smoking pot in the boys’ bathroom. I digress.

It seems like, thanks to the interweb, film posters are emerging from designers all over with unique, swanky takes on their Silver Screen favs. So I ask, what about us boobtoobers? Where’s the creative force designing 2d-iconography for our favorite sitcoms or serials?

It’s revolution time people (too soon?). It’s time for every tv show to create a poster, just as every movie creates a poster. Separate is not equal. Honestly though, can someone please just print a black hole with the Henrickson family falling gracefully, surrounded by stamps of Nikki’s best one-liners? Is that so much to ask?

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No, seriously. This exists.

You can make a frog, a swan, a box, a cube and more! It’s not affiliated with the DVD-giant, but it should be.

Oh yeah, and they’re making TV shows now. Why the hell not? Anything that keeps Kevin Spacey busy is okay by me.

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The video below has everything:

  • Cello
  • Angry Birds
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pint-Sized Jewish Rappers
  • Velvet Tuxes
  • Robert Palmer Impersonations
  • Hat Choreography
  • Steve Jobs
  • Multicolored Yarmulkes
  • The Phrase “Tres Chic” (at least 10x)
  • Swimming
  • And a quick appearance by Cake Boss AND Oprah

I spent pretty much every Saturday in 7th grade attending Bar/Bat Mitzvahs but none of them had kickass homemade music videos. You win at everything Zachary Freiman.

Mazel Tov, kid.

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This morning, I purchased this beauty:

This noir-inspired work of genius comes courtesy of Mike Mitchell (you can also find him on twitter @sirmitchell). He did the piece for the Parks & Rec panel at Paley Fest. The poster is a limited edition so if you’re at all interested in purchasing one, I’d do it sooner than later.

If TV’s funniest comedy isn’t your style, Gallery 1988 also has a few other gorgeous pieces of boob-tube inspired art. Check out a few of them below.

Mork & Mindy

True Blood


Saved By The Bell


You can purchase any of these for me. My birthday is in August. I promise to act surprised.

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Julianne Moore is going to play Sarah Palin in an HBO film.

Even though she’s a gifted actress,

and even though she’ll  probably net a few noms from this picture,

and even though she looks great in business casual clothes,

I don’t want her to do it. Not her, not anybody with actual talent. There are better stories, there are better roles, there are people more worthy of this budget, of our attention.

Let’s stop celebrating mediocrity for awhile.

Image: PEOPLE.com

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It’s no secret that I jones hard for Pretty Little Liars. It doesn’t matter that I’ll be turning 24 this year or that PLL is an ABC Family (ugh) hit show. No sir. I defy conventions. Or rather, fall into them? Whatever. I like it and that’s that.

This week’s episode was especially superb. There are genuine reasons I love the show. And then, there are some less than genuine reasons, too. Tonight was all sorts of insincere.

Let me start by highlighting what worked for me that really shouldn’t have. 1) Hanna slapped a blind girl, then dissed her blindness. 2) The conflict with Aria and HER TEACHER remains to be how sad it is they must hide their love and NOT THE FACT THAT SHE BARELY HAS A LICENSE AND HE’S BEEN THROUGH COLLEGE. 3) Ian the likely murderer and deatheater-to-all-of-Spencer’s-happiness had a really stellar Got Milk? moment.

Now the things that worked and should work. 1) Emily’s still gay and getting play #doublewin. 2)Having realized Alison sucks, the girls are refocusing their emotions toward each other/ actual friendship.  3)the kid who needs a haircut left, putting an end, hopefully, to the awkwardly-addressed “foster child” situation.

ohhhh girrrrrrl STRUT

This show is good because it has its’ moments.

Obviously, it’s silly. In fact, I often find myself uncontrollably snorting through lengthy segments of teen angst. But, it also has moments of importance. It’s a show about girls and their lives. I can count on one hand how many others shows exist on-air today sharing that same agenda.

Furthermore, the characters have a singular focus that addresses a social issue. They’re brought together by the murder plot line, but it oft breaches subplot status in comparison to their personal struggles. Each girl has her one story and it gets time and attention. This is big when the story is about a lesbian or about a girl suffering from an eating disorder or about an overachiever struggling for parental attention. The issues are as real as the sizable age differences between the actresses IRL and their characters.

So tune in you h8rs… Monday Night aka Teen Angst Night (see: PLL, Gossip Girl and Skins).

PS if you watched tonights episode (3/8/11) then you also noticed Spencer playing the role of Le Petit Prince, Hanna auditioning for Hocus Pocus and Emily officially going butch. #wardrobemalfunctions

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