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It’s holiday time folks.¬† This means everyone and their sister is traveling, through sleet and snow, to make it back to their childhood homes. Upon arrival they will embrace their loving family members, share gifts and stories of work triumphs, new friends and love. They will sip egg nog and have a nosh in the form of a snowman decorated sugar cookies. And it will be all fine and dandy.


There will be no new TV.

This, people of America, sucks. Now, let me lay out my obvious subjectivity on the matter. I recently spent the past week (many hours of which were in transit) with my family, avoiding the holiday airport craze, spending time celebrating my mother’s mid-December birthday. ¬†Rather than braving the masses to celebrate an arbitrary DOB for someone I never met (no offense good people of the Christian faith), I felt this a wiser allotment of my time and a more rewarding family-related experience.

Having relayed my circumstances, let me now vent. I’m home. I’m rommate-less for the next week and half. I’m an avid TV watcher and work in the industry. Why must I be punished with reruns and reality television? Was I naughty? Because this is not nice. (ew, i can’t believe I’m leaving that in this post).

All I’m sayin, to the fine folks producing the regularly fabulous programming I commit to, is there has to be some sort of alternative. Throw me a commercial-free movie of my choosing. Give me some unaired clips from my favorite shows to choose from. Show me some pilots that didn’t make the cut. JUST GIVE ME NEW MATERIAL! Don’t take away my joy, simply because everyone else is not interested in tuning in for a week (all those conformists!, blargh).

I realize this is one of the lamer posts of my career, and quite possibly the lamest writing I’ve ever even ever considered, but I figured, WITH ALL THIS FREE TIME NOT WATCHING TV, I might as well DO SOMETHING ELSE.

With that, much love to everyone and safe travels & happy holidays.

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