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*CONTAINS SPOILERS from Dexter Season 5*

Continuing in the blogging-about-a-show-that’s-about-to-wrap fashion, I’ve decided to discuss with all 3 of you, this season of Dexter. I just watched the most recent episode, in which, talented, season-long guest star Julia Stiles, playing victim-turned-vigilante “Lumen”, exacts revenge on one of her assailants by applying the Dexter Morgan version of bustin a cap in his ass (yes, there are 6 commas in this sentence).

Now this was an intense episode. The past three episodes, this one included, have all been very intense. This always happens with Dexter. A few of the intro eps are solid, but there’s a lot of set up. Then, once you’re invested, things get incredibly messy and nerve-wracking, and most importantly, they get provocative.

With this season, and the introduction of a character that knows who and what Dexter is, I’ve become an even more invested viewer. I’ve wanted this to happen in the past seasons. I’ve wanted someone to crack his barrier, to join him in his morbid, yet arguably good, quest. I’m happy it’s turned out to be someone that Dexter, the character, can embrace (pun intended). Lumen’s experience and his reaction to that experience has tipped the scale in Dexter’s favor. He’s a mass murderer, yet this season makes him the ultimate likable anti-hero, with a heavy emphasis on hero.

There are only a few episodes left, and it’s unlikely that things will remain on this upward path toward success for Dex. But, at least for now, I’m very happy with this season.

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I’m not exactly the biker type. I don’t care too much for skull patches embroidered onto leather jackets or loud, booming tailpipes. In fact, that stuff normally kind of bothers me. So, obviously, I was apprehensive about my brother’s request to catch the FX show Son’s of Anarchy. Before committing, I did a little research. I found showrunner Kurt Sutter’s twitter account and blog. After browsing old blog posts and his somewhat flippant tweets, I decided to give his show a chance.

And, turns out, I’m really glad I did. Sutter is a daring writer. He twists and turns the plot and characters in dynamic ways that keep me engaged and, for lack of a better phrase, on the edge of my seat. He’s thought through these characters, and with the help of his team of writers, he’s made fresh stories that get stronger every week.

This week is the season finale. A 90-minute event that will, hopefully, provide answers and close doors that need to be closed. Will you be watching?

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God I love Wisconsin and its wacky inhabitants. I also can’t stand the Palins. The crazy story below makes me one proud cheesehead.


Bristol Palin’s dancing on TV set off man in standoff, complaint says

According to the complaint, Cowan and his wife were watching “Dancing with the Stars” when Cowan jumped up and swore as Bristol Palin appeared, saying something about “the (expletive) politics.” Cowan was upset that a political figure’s daughter was on the show when he didn’t think she was a good dancer, the complaint states.


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I’m happy for Conan. He had the chance of a lifetime, and his own network screwed him over. Fresh off a nationwide tour, and a quick stop at folk hero status, he got a great deal at a new network and things will finally be, “back to normal.”

I will watch his premiere tonight, but that’s probably it. Here’s why:

Call me crazy, but I never thought he was very funny on the Late Night, or the Tonight Show. He talks over the guests, and his schtick just doesn’t work for  me I suppose. But I wish him all the best. And finally, his fans can stop their whining. They took this really personally. Hopefully they stop their talk and follow him to TBS.

Image: TeamCoco.com

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This video needs no introduction. Unless you don’t watch the news.

You are the man George Takei. The fuckin’ man.

h/t: The Daily What

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I grew up in Wisconsin. (And according to my license, voter registration, and license plates I still live there.) Because I grew up in Madison, America’s favorite mid-western Liberal hub, I am about as blue as can be. As Kathy Griffin once said, “I’m for gun control during gay weddings.”

But I’m also a child of the ’90s, who watched way too much MTV, way too young. I was a huge fan of the Real World and Road Rules before they started doing those stupid challenges. In fact, my very favorite season of the Real World was Boston. Come on Montana? Genesis? That one guy from Boulder? They worked at a community center! It was epic. One of the by-products from that season was Sean Duffy, a competitive lumberback from Wisconsin. And in case you missed it, Sean Duffy just got elected to the House of Representatives. Yeah, beware America, there’s a Real World alum in congress.

This is where I’m torn. I love Wisconsin and old-school MTV. He married Rachel from Real World San Francisco for crying out loud! (Points for Duffy!) But I’m not crazy about his Republican politics (Boo Duffy!)

I do wish him well though. Politics aside, he seems like a good guy. Plus, the livelihood and continued success of my state and my country are now his primary responsibility. But at the first sign, the very first sign of idiocy, I’m out. “Wisconsin Liberal” me  trumps “Mid-90s Reality Show Fan Girl” me.

PS: I see why he won, his commercials were awesome.



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I found myself enjoying Blue Bloods. Since I’m under the age of 60, this shocked and saddened me. Then, I figured out its obvious appeal.

Brothers & Sisters – All That Wine – A Small Business Going Under – Dead Father With Secrets  + Law & Order  – This Sound – Lawyers Making Long Boring Speeches +  A Grandpa + A Dead Brother With Secrets + Tom Selleck =

Blue Bloods.

They took out the shitty parts of both shows and smashed the good stuff together. Bravo CBS! I don’t know why none of the other networks figured this out. People love adult siblings and cop shows. Shove them together, throw in a few Sunday dinners and you have a winner.

I really hope another network follows CBS’ lead and does a mash-up of Glee and Grey’s Anatomy. What this country lacks is auto-tuned physicians.

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Ooh, ooh me, right here! The series premiere of AMC’s latest drama, The Walking Dead, was awesome. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the show follows a wounded Sherrif’s Deputy who wakes up in the hospital to find his whole community’s been taken over by zombies. It sounds ridiculous, but writer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) tells the story like no one else can. It’s gut-wrenching, intense, and when you’re not a little scared, it’s kind of fun.

I didn’t notice much buzz about the premiere on Twitter last night, and I was a bit worried that no one tuned in. Boy was I wrong. The show boasted AMC’s strongest numbers ever for a dramatic series. You know what that means? It’s probably already headed for a second season.

Even after only 90 minutes of material, that’s amazing news. The Walking Dead just bought itself a season pass on my DVR, and a tiny space in my zombie-loving heart.

Series Premiere Spoiler Alert: See that picture above? The zombies ate his horse people! They ate his horse! I haven’t been that upset about a horse’s death since Artax died in The Neverending Story.

Image: bloginity.com

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