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So it turns out the teenage mothers on MTV’s Teen Mom are pulling in about $60-$65K a year. That’s not bad for ladies who don’t have college degrees (or for half the ladies, high school diplomas). But now that I know this, allow me to ask/posit answers to the questions we’re all wondering about.

Why are they still struggling so much? Farrah can’t keep an apartment and Amber’s place always looks a little rundown. Maci moved out, but she’s kind of the exception to the rule on that show. Perhaps they’re putting a lot of the money away in a trust for the kids?  Or maybe MTV pays them after the filming. I’d love to know the real story behind that. And does Teen Dad Tyler get paid? He should, he’s on just as much as Caitlin.

….and scene.

And if you think $60-$65,000 sounds like a lot, consider this: Those Jersey Shore kids are getting $30,000 an episode. #vomit

Image: Blogs.Babble.Com

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I saw this photo and wanted to run out and buy a pumpkin and carve it to look just like the one below. Then I remembered I don’t have a porch and that a carved pumpkin sitting in an apartment hallway is creepy and weird. Damn.

h/t: The Daily What

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This one will be a quickie. Promise.

  • Remember seafood Brian from Top Chef? He was easy on the eyes and constantly reminded everyone that fish was his thing? His wife had twins! Bigger news? He named the girl twin Sailor. Classy or Trashy? You can make the call on that one.

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Huge Fail TBS!

I’m watching Seinfeld and I see a commercial for TBS’ new comedy Glory Daze. It’s about a group of students at a college in the 1980s.

What do I see one of the characters wearing? A Callahan Auto shirt. Callahan Auto is a fictional brand from the movie Tommy Boy. When did Tommy Boy come out? 1995. That’s one huge anachronism.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, so I watched the Glory Daze promo online and there it was. I screencapped it for posterity.

And here’s the shirt up close:

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This clip from Sesame Street is adorable, highly necessary, and great for kids to see. I definitely could’ve used it when I was a small black kid surrounded by white friends with pretty, “smooth” hair. I always wanted to brush it. Their hair seemed to never go out of place.

While the one above would’ve raised my self esteem. The one below was playing on my computer screen at work half the day. Catchy Song+Adorable Muppets = Instant Replay. Damn you Willow Smith! Why do you insist on singing so hard?

And in case you were wondering, the 2nd one now has more views than the first one. I’m probably not helping with this.



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Its been too long lovelies! Last week was crazy busy with lots happening at work and my brother coming to town. Both of which kept me from my first love, waxing poetic about TV.

So we’ll have to play a little bit of catch-up. Hold on tight.

  • The season finale of Mad Men was nothing short of amazing. It was one of the truly “happier” episodes. Don Draper is not a person you can normally describe using words like joyous or optimistic. He was in this episode, even when he had to let down his psychologist lady lover. My next question: How far ahead will we jump for season 5? Will Don’s new relationship make it? I can’t handle another messy Draper divorce.
  • CBS ordered full seasons of all of its rookie shows. That’s quite a feat, especially for this lackluster freshman class. However, CBS has “won the week” five weeks straight, so their new shows must be doing something right. The last time any network accomplished this feat? NBC in 1997.
  • Kanye’s new short film/music video/salute to himself is gorgeous. Say what you want about Kanye, but the cinematography and art direction in this piece are worth the 34 minutes. Kanye’s acting, not so much.
  • I really miss Gilmore Girls. There, I said it. It was a feel good show with snappy writing and not one, not two,  but three count ’em three, multi-faceted female characters. (If you want to count Sookie and Paris, you’d get 5, but we’re splitting hairs here.) Anyway, watching this mini-reunion made me nostalgic for the good old days in Stars Hollow.
  • And finally, Doug Funnie teaches us all how to dougie. He’s good, but he’s no Bucky.


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Happy Humpday Edubbers

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