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The one day late edition. I’m in Florida. The weather is nice. Time flies by. I have 969 unread articles in my Google Reader and I only missed one day.  Needless to say, this will probably be the shortest, untimeliest, HDU. My apologies.

  • Guess who won Top Chef? Stupid, stupid, Casey! I blame you for this.
  • The Simpsons are going to be on for at least two more seasons bringing the grand total to 22. They’ll be 7 episodes shy of 500. Longevity rocks!
  • Kathy Griffin is getting $2 Million to write a book. Will you read it? I love KG but I’m not sure if the humor will translate.
  • Michael Cera finally manned up and agreed to be in the Arrested Development movie. I slept well for the first time in a long time last night.
  • Finding the remote really is awesome. The only thing better? Finding your cellphone in the couch.
  • Old people…they’re at it again. This time a 70-year-old man shot his TV after he couldn’t get his converter box to work. This will be the subject of the next Dish-TV commercial.
  • You can watch free CBS & Showtime shows on your iPhone now…as if you didn’t have enough awesome things to do with it already.
  • My favorite non-TV related link of the week: The Giant Scrabble Board. Add this to my Christmas list…or personal life goals.

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I’m going on a trip tomorrow. Since I tend to regress on family vacations, I thought I’d purchase a puzzle book to occupy myself on the plane. Let it be known I haven’t stayed awake on a plane in three years. Anyway, feeling optimistic I went to my local bookseller today and purchased this:


It’s the best of both worlds. Pages and pages of television trivia all in crossword puzzle form. Heavenly!

Do you hear that? My nerd alert is sounding loud and clear.

Image: amazon.com

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This is awesome news! Morgan is coming back to SNL in March for his first hosting gig. I hope Tracy reprises some of the sketches that helped him make his mark.

Some of my favorites were Astronaut Jones (nearly impossible to find online by the way) and Brian Fellow’s: Safari Planet. The latter had to grow on me a bit but once it did I laughed so hard I stopped breathing for a few seconds. Don’t you hate/love when that happens? Like for a moment there’s no sound, just the silence of a good laugh.

Anyway, are you as amped as I am for Mr. Morgan’s return to his original 30 Rock home?

Photo: http://jalopnik.com/

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It was Oscar night. Fun show huh? I followed it on Twitter with all my Tweeps. Quite a community out there.

Anyway, here are this week’s winners in my book. Suck it academy!

Amazing Race 14: I love these people. Mel & Mike White are so adorable and having the time of their lives. Margie and Luke are generous and enthusiastic. Everyone is compelling (except that pesky dating couple). And did I mention my sincere love for Steve and Linda the couple from Virgina? I am a little concerned about Linda constantly asking Steve whether or not he’s mad at her but when she’s not concerned about his feelings/her well-being , they’re a pretty cute couple.

Spoiler Alert: If she’d only waited and paraglided with Mel! I’m sad to see Steve and Linda depart tonight.

Carla on Top Chef: She has giant eyes, she makes good food and she’s the only person who can beat Stefan for the title. I sincerely hope she does. That guy needs to be taken down a peg.

Breaking Bad Minisodes: I love this show with a fiery passion only reserved for AMC original programming. These little clips are getting me read for the show’s return on March 8.

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I’ve been sitting on this all week to save it for Friday Funnies. I don’t care if everyone and their mother has since posted it. I’m doing it anyway because it’s that spectacular.

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I am a huge fan of ABC’s Life on Mars. One of the best parts is the great ’70s music they dig up for every episode. Some of it is warm and familiar and other songs are brand new to me. Either way, it ties the whole show together. Better than the unfortunate suits and period cars the music is the best thing about the show’s recreation of New York City in 1973.

So why no word on a soundtrack yet? If NCIS can get a CD going, I think the folks at Life on Mars deserve a little love too.

What other shows warrant an album? I was going to suggest Gilmore Girls but they actually did have one. I’ll keep my thinking cap on for more ideas.

Photo: abc.com

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Battle of the Bald Guys

My reactions to Part I. of the Top Chef Finale

This season of top chef has been pretty cool. I love the cast, the challenges are fun and the excitement of reality TV at its best has always been there.


As for the season finale here are some reactions:

1.    Yay Jeff for winning the quickfire, welcome back (kind of). Emeril… really? Really?
2.    How hilarious was the tension between Hosea and Stefan… battle of the bald guys!!
3.    Wouldn’t be a reality TV show without a shameless car promo, major plus was Fabio’s reaction… in fact every Fabio reaction is a major plus
4.    So cool they’re in New Orleans.
5.    Huuuuge fist pump from Stefan at minute 31
6.    In reality, best sounding meal was Hosea’s (but I guess it’s all about execution)
7.    In reality, best looking dish was Fabio’s (but I guess it’s all about taste)
8.    Best Tom reaction ever at minute 34, post Hosea telling him what he’s making
9.    Thank you Carla for the McGyver reference, you do that giiirl
10.    Did anyone else catch the post-Katrina photos on the wall… yikes
11.     “One Second Honey”
12.    Fabio watches pornos that involve masks. Hmm.
13.    Chipotel or Chipotle Jeff?
14.     True Story: People in Louisiana eat… a lot
15.     lamest drink = CARLA, made up for by “Hooty-Hoo”/“That Love Thing”
16.    Hosea with the Hurricane drink, too soon?? I think so
17.    Something tells me they didn’t earn those beads
18.    Is it possible for the chefs to stand farther away from the judges?
19.     Didn’t you just need a quick shot/beer before the final decision? I did/took it
21.    Major bummer for Jeff
22.    “Cooked your heart out” –  love it
23.    Farewell Fabio… You WILL be missed! ;(
24.    Cook your ass off!

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