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A good friend of mine told me recently, “I miss Marry, Bop, or Kill. How else am I supposed to find out this week’s winners?”

I laughed and told her I’d change the name of the feature just for her. So kudos to you Rach!

Okay, this week’s winners:

  • Psych: Believe it or not, Psych is one of the most consistent shows on TV. It’s funny, has a solid (though at times predictable) mystery, tons of obscure pop culture references and a great-long running unrequited love story. The show’s also got flashbacks and Corbin Bernsen. Aces! I’ve been Tivoing it as of late and I really look forward to it every week. It’s one of those shows that’s really familiar and fun to watch. To put it plainly, Psych is the novelty sweatshirt you bought on your vacation (“Life’s A Beach!”)  years ago that you still wear because it’s comfortable and manages to  get a laugh.
  • Paul Adelstein: I’ve been watching him on old eps of Prison Break lately and he was super then and even more believable as Dr. Cooper Friedman on Private Practice. I love how his character changed from last season to this one. Can’t wait to see how his relationship with Violet develops over the course of her pregnancy. He’s a gifted actor and it’s nice to see him in a role that seems to fit well.
  • Huey Lewis & The News: Not TV related, but totally awesome. I bought the greatest hits album today on iTunes. Great investment.

Some weeks will have losers too, but this week those are hard to come by. Can’t think of too much to complain about. Plus we should start off on a positive note right?

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It’s the weekend! Bickety-Bam! I started today in a good mood. I listened to Ace of Base on my walk to work. Then I watched this clip when I got there. Fantasia nailed it. That little outfit…not so much.

Later I watched this video for the 10,000th time. Never fails to make me smile.

Then I topped it all off with some gnocchi and an episode of Damages. Best beginning of the weekend ever.

Have a good one folks!

(Hat tip to Jezebel and Scanner)

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(If you’re new here, I made a vow to myself to start watching (or give a second shot) at a few shows this year. I started Damages this afternoon)

First impressions:

It’s intense. I knew the show was kind of dark and twisty but the first scene was pretty intense, borderline troubling. Needless to say I was hooked.

Rose Byrne looks a lot like Adele  (Malaya Rivera Drew) from The L Word. It’s a little distracting because I keep thinking Jenny and the rest of the gang are going to pop out.Byrne is a great actress though and I’m already compelled by her character… could it be because she was covered in blood in the first 5 minutes?

I despise and at the same time, am constantly impressed by Patty Hewes. It’s tough to explain. Her redeeming qualities are few and far between but there are enough of them to make me sympathetic. Expert writing and acting will do that.

Lawyer shows have never been my thing but this one is off to a good start. I’m really enjoying the complex family dynamic so far. Not only the relationships in play but the layers of business/legal issues complicating matters. I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure once you kill a dog, all bets are off.

Image: TV.com

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Hip-hip hooray, time to get going. My online jeopardy audition is in 40 minutes.

  • Speaking of long-running game shows, Pat Sajak is kind of repulsed by the gay couple in this clip of Wheel of Fortune.  I am now repulsed by Pat Sajak.
  • Nancy Cartwright, the voice-talent behind Bart Simpson, has been using her Bart voice to promote Scientology events. That’s probably not going to go over so well.
  • Connie Britton is one of my new favorite actresses. Dalton Ross talks to her about the new season of Friday Night Lights.
  • I am seriously on the edge of my seat for Jon Hamm on 30 Rock. This clip is tiding me over.
  • This interview with Lauren Graham made me miss Gilmore Girls a little but I’m excited for her new show on ABC.
  • The format of My Life On The D-List is changing. The next season is going to be more like a talk-show. Not sure how I feel about this just yet.
  • My favorite non-TV related link of the week: Giant Inauguration Picture! Zoom in and out, it’s awesome. I think Clarence Thomas is sleeping.

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Jeopardy is holding online auditions today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Now, you can embarrass yourself and see just how much you don’t know from the comfort of your own home.

After watching a taping of the College Championships live, I don’t think I could hack ever being on the show. The lights, the cameras, and Johnny Gilbert screaming in my ears would probably rattle me beyond belief. And unless I get lucky with some awesome categories (Little Debbie Snacks, The Mid-’90s TGIF Line-Up, Rhyme Time) I probably won’t fare so well on the exam. But hey, it’s worth a shot right?

Image: cbsnews.com

Feel like taking the plunge with me? Go to the Jeopardy site to register and prepare for the test.

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Just in case the many relationships on The Office were moving a little too slow for your taste, check out The Office a new adult film brought to you by the new production powerhouses at New Sensations.

Once you get past the fact that Michael is now bosomy blonde named Michelle, it’s kind of funny. Best line from the trailer: “Not only am I the boss, I’m employee of the month.” That’s better than half the one-liners from last week’s episode.

As you can imagine, the clip below is NSFW (for language actually).

Perhaps I should’ve saved this for Hump Day Update. I kid, I kid.

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Better question: Is it even possible to jump the shark in your final season?

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Showtime drama and I was quitely dreading its last season. The season premiere kept me invested. I’m all about a good murder mystery and I kind of hate Jenny so knowing someone offed her is okay with me. But last night’s episode was a bit too much and I think we’re creeping toward a slippery slope that could make for a crappy send-off.  Stop reading now if you haven’t caught last night’s episode yet.

Last night’s shark jumping moments:

  • Max is pregnant? Really, we’re running with the pregnant transman storyline? Noooooo. If Max goes goes on an Oprah like TV show to tell her his story, I’m out.
  • Phyllis and Joyce are getting married. Hey L Word, if I wanted to watch TV that’s been ripped from the headlines I’d watch Law & Order and its many forms.
  • Jenny and Shane are hooking up. Oh come on! We were finally getting somewhere with this fight and now they’re not only friends again but lovers? Quite a jump for a week.

And finally, Elizabeth Berkley made her first appearance as Bette’s former college roommate. If she cheats on Tina I will come through the TV and punch her in the face.

What are you thinking? Anyone else keeping up with The L Word? And if the spin-off features Alice in prison, does this mean she killed Jenny or was she framed? Which one of the ladies is daring enough to pull it off?

Image: sho.com

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My favorite comedy went three for three in tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Tina Fey – Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series

Alec Baldwin – Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series


30 Rock – Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
Last week’s episode was awesome. I think this 30 Rock award show fever will continue for quite some time.

Photo: tvjab.com

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I don’t dislike Sanjaya so much as I am bewildered by the folks who like him. Those super-fans managed to keep the little guy in contention on American Idol well past his time, and now, they’re a strong enough market to warrant a $100,000 payday for one of the show’s worst vocalists. Yep, Sanjaya raked in at least a $100,000 advance  for penning his memoir which seems a bit premature considering his first album well…was as good as could be expected.

How do you do it buddy? Better question: How did we let you do it?

You know who’s memoir I’m looking forward to? Jennifer Hudson’s. She’s experienced hardship, she won an Oscar, and she’s an amazing talent. That’s a story worth waiting for.

Photo: Newsday.com

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A lot of folks, myself included, watch TV as a form of escape from the ho-hum factor of their everyday lives. TV-living involves more explosions, more love scenes, better apartments and higher salaries. Why not seek solace in the unrealistic?

Today I thought about some of my favorite unrealistic TV couples. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no love lost between me and these characters, I am simply commenting on the at-times ridiculous nature of their relationships. Others made the list because frankly, I don’t really see them working well together in non-diagetic life.


  • Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother: These two are too so twee it’s painful. Their adorable, overly affectionate, have awesome nicknames for each other (Marshmallow & Lilypad, sigh) and even perform outrageous gestures for each other. (Anyone see this week’s episode? A marching band at the airport? Really?) Their break-up in season 2 was borderline difficult to watch but it made the make-up that much sweeter. Totally unrealistic, but still enviable.


  • Jim & Pam, The Office: This one is a given. Jim pined for Pam for years and I lapped up every second of it. From remembering her favorite yogurt (Mixed Berry) and making her grilled cheese sandwiches, to proposing in the rain and buying his lady love his parents’ house. What pushed this couple over the sugar coated edge? The all day hidden Bluetooth convo.


  • Lois & Peter, Family Guy: Big guy, tiny wife is an age old TV combination (See: The King of Queens, Still Standing, According To Jim) Big, annoying, kind of abusive, inconsiderate guy, tiny wife is a newer one. Yes, I know, Family Guy is animated and also extremely far fetched (once the dog talked all bets were off) but they’re still a pretty ridic couple don’t you think? It makes for pretty funny TV though.

I have a few more for your consideration (Lorelai & Chris, Gilmore Girls, Niles & Maris, Frasier) but won’t bore you with the deets. Any two-somes you’d like to add to the list? For Valentine’s Day we should put together a realistic couple list, put in your votes now.

Images: http://editorial.sidereel.com/, http://images1.fanpop.com/, http://tv.popcrunch.com/

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Two interesting news stories today involving Mad Men and NBC.

  • Did you know Jon Hamm auditioned for the role of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. With the hair and chiseled face I can almost picture it. He wouldn’t have been as spot on as Alec Baldwin though. We’ll still get to see Hamm and Tina Fey together when he joins the cast for a mulitple episode arc. Best worlds ever…COLLIDING!

Image: Vulture

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Scene: My Parents’ Kitchen, Wednesday January 21

Me: Working feverishly on a crossword puzzle following a long day of traveling. On thw TV? The back end of a pisspoor episode of Top Chef.

I don’t realize what I’d done until I started seeing updates on the Twitter.

Damn! The episode will not look nearly as awesome on my laptop!

Anyone else ever forget to watch one of their favorites? It’s annoying isn’t it? Worse yet? Avoiding spoilers and plot points until I can get home from work tonight.If you watched the episode, feel free to leave a non-spoiler review in the comments.

Image: http://www.umbc.edu/blogs/changingaging/lost-logo.jpg

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