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The series premiere of Showtime’s latest pursuit, The United States of Tara, is currently streaming on sho.com. Just type in the word “tara” when prompted.

Seth over at Defamer had some not nice things to say about the first episode but I found it to be pretty interesting. Tara (played by Toni Collette) is a muralist/mom suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Under stress, anyone of her “alters” comes out to wreak a little havoc on her family. John Corbett is her ho-hum husband who’s personality reminds me a lot of the husband from Medium. Kind of unsurprising since both men are bound by the weight of their spouse’s mental gifts/issues.

Diablo Cody is writing the show which means it’s quirky but not obnoxious like Juno.

The show isn’t instantly remarkable but I think there’s something there. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it just yet. Is it the writing? The chemistry between Corbett and Collette? Perhaps. The potential is enough to keep me optimistic.

Watch it and let me know what you’re thinkin’.

Photo: eonline.com

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Next summer the US Postal Service is launching a line of stamps commemorating classic black and white TV. The postage will celebrate shows like I Love Lucy, Dragnet, The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, and You Bet Your Life among others.

The set is scheduled for release in mid August. I will be sending even more cards than usual.

Hopefully 40 years from now the USPS is really in need of some cash flow and the release stamps commemorating ho-hum ’80s and ’90s TV. A My Two Dads or Small Wonder stamp would be epic.

Image: tvland.com

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I don’t often stray outside the confines of TV, but this is important. Take a look at the Top 5 iPhone applications America bought today. That’s right, people paid for these. In at number one? A virtual fart machine.

And not only did they pay for the fart machine, but they had the nerve to be a little upset when the faux-flatulence didn’t sound realistic. I suppose when you’re dropping 99 cents for a digital fart machine you don’t settle for sub-par SBDs.

customer-reviewsThat’s our wacky country folks. But at least the iFart is a little more useful than the fake beer.


Images: Screengrabs from iTunes

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Howdy Ho! This week was a snap.

Marry: Jason Segel

I took a vacay all last week and I spent a majority of my time truly relaxing. To that end, I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I’m knee deep into How I Met Your Mother on DVD. I started with season 1 on Friday and I’m already on the last disc of season 2. Segel shines on the silver and small screen and it’s made my vacation pretty awesome. He seems like a really genuine and funny guy. Plus he plays the piano and wants to bring back the Muppets. Love, love, love. The only sour note? He may be dating Drew Barrymore. PS: Why haven’t Segel and Michael Cera ever been cast as brothers?

Bop: John Adams

My love for HBO’s John Adams is no secret but I re-watched the first three installments with the family over the weekend and it…was…AWESOME. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it chumps!

Kill: The Old Doc’s Returning For The Final Season of ER

I will miss ER. I used to be a pretty big fan and I’ve watched some of the episodes this season. But let it be known, not every single doctor (dead or alive?!) whos ever worked at County needs to come back to say goodbye. Case in point, no one needs to “bump into” Dr. Corday. Nobody.

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Dear Michael,

If the Gilligan’s Island movie comes to fruition and if Sherwood Schwartz (hard to believe he’s still kicking) comes to your house and begs you to suit up and play the role of Gilligan, just say no. Yes, he’s a TV legend but this movie is headed straight for late night monologue fodder.

Be affable, be gentle, say it lovingly and with a smile. But whatever you do, do not for a second squeeze into that dopey hat.

Yes, it would be adorable but that’s one slippery slope my friend.


The folks at edubTV

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How else did you think I would celebrate?

Peace to you and yours today from all the folks at edubTV.

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It’s Christmas Eve! Booya. Bored?

The new Muppet Christmas Special, A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa is surprisingly funny considering the intended audience has a hard time coloring in the lines. Lots of celebs make an appearance including Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, Jane Krakowski and Jesse L. Martin.

Does anyone else confuse Muppets with characters from Sesame Street? I do. I was watching this and kept thinking,”When is Big Bird going to show up?”

Photo: http://muppet.wikia.com

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Thanks to Interesting Pile via Remote Island for posting this list of all the sweet TV Marathons happening today, tomorrow and even the day after Christmas.

I’ll be watching Smart Guy on BET. Remember that show?It was about TJ, a child prodigy and his wacky misadventures. Little TJ was played by Tia & Tamera Mowry’s younger brother Taj. Omar Gooding also had a recurring role on the program. What ever happened to him? He may have peaked on Wild & Crazy Kids.

If movies are more your thing, tune in to the annual Christmas Story Marathon on TBS starting tonight at 8/7C. USA is running 24 hours of Elf next week. Apparently the holiday season now extends through New Year’s. Slammin!

Image: http://valdefierro.com/

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Anderson Cooper’s yearbook photos hit the blogosphere yesterday and he is nothing short of a cutie pie.

And that quotation? How sharp. I bet everyone else just had weak Grateful Dead lyrics or Emerson B.S.

Image: Dlisted.com

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Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. However, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be half drunk and eating Italian food at the neighbors’, therefore, no time to talk TV. Let’s go ahead and dish now.

  • Diane Sawyer almost lost her shit this morning on Good Morning America over…well…baby shit.
  • So apparently not everyone was pleased with last night’s Prison Break fall finale. I will sit through every episode of PB if it means I get to watch Lincoln bash the heads of random innocents he mistakes for criminals
  • Entertainment Weekly declared The Colbert Report the best show on television this year. Funny? Sure. But the best?
  • So Jenny dies on The L Word next season. The jig is up. The mystery now is who the culprit is.  My vote? Every single person who watches The L Word.

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In Living Christmas

There’s nothing going on today. No good TV (Though I did crack a few brief smiles during Shrek The Halls). No good TV news. Just kind of a ho-hum day.

What do we do with ho-hum days? We watch old clips of In Living Color.

Take us home Ceephus and Reecie!

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Lost is kind of amazing. I don’t watch for the Easter Eggs, fine details, etc because it gets too hard to follow. But I do appreciate the acting, mystery, and suspense of the program.

The other aspect I appreciate about the show? The marketing! Season 5 premieres in January and ABC has a pretty sweet ad campaign going on. They’ve got all kinds of trailers, videos, etc. But the coolest thing so far are these fake travel posters. Not only are they hilarious but apparently they reveal some additional secrets about the upcoming season.

If you’re a Lost detective, feel free to check them all out…and then tell me what the hell you think is going on.

Image: defamer.com

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