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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if your Pop enjoys giant hoagies, listening to jazz music, saying “just the right thing” and coordinating elaborate anniversary gifts then do I have an idea for you.

Bill Cosby and his wife found some of his old sweaters and his daughter is selling them on eBay to benefit the Hello Friend/Ennis Cosby Foundation, an education non-profit.

The auction takes place from June 2-12 and the the opening bid is only $5,000. Dad would love it and if nothing else you’re doing it for the kids.

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It’s LOST Finale Night

I won’t try to guess what’s going to happen on tonight’s 2-hour finale. The rest of the blogosphere, however, is a-buzz with conspiracy theories. Like the helpful sales associate at Target who tells you you can find that lotion at Wal-Mart, I’ve decided to send you somewhere else for all things Oceanic 6.

Three Important Questions Prior To Tonight’s Lost Season Finale – TV Addict

Who’s In The Coffin And Other Thoughts About Tonight’s Season Finale of Lost – Televisionary

Hurley’s Words And Other Lost Goodies – Pop Candy

Lost: Internet Obsessives Have One Last Chance To Speculate – Vulture

It’s Lost Finale Crazy Prediction Time – Best Week Ever

If these spots aren’t satiating your fix, bookmark TVaddict.com and follow along with his live-blog tonight.

PS: I hope Jin doesn’t die.

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As of tomorrow, David Cook will own 11 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. He is the first artist ever (at least in the Nielsen Soundscan era) to debut 11 songs in the same week.


  • Archuleta doesn’t have 11 songs on the Top 100.
  • After a rocky season, American Idol proves it can still pack a punch.
  • Cook seems like a nice guy, he’s a fun performer.


  • We’ve got 100 spots to take the current pulse of popular music. David Cook owns 11 of them.

Even Idol fans might admit that’s overkill…actually they probably wouldn’t.

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The good people over at Vulture talked to red-blooded American dudes about things they’d honestly rather do or experience as opposed to seeing the Sex And The City movie.

The list includes things as benign as eating someone’s booger and as ridiculous as getting attacked by one of Michael Vick’s dogs. Who says men aren’t over-dramatic?

Check out the very funny post for yourself.

You know what probably scares the boys off? Shit like this.

Despite (or is it because of?) all of the hype surrounding SATC, I plan on checking out the flick. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show while it was on but I’ve grown to appreciate it in syndication and I’m curious to see if Carrie and Big end up together. My secret hope? Aidan swoops in and steals her away at the last minute.

A girl can dream right?

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If you can whistle the theme to The Andy Griffith Show or bop along to jazzy swing of the Dick Van Dyke theme then you have Earle Hagen to thank. Hagen was one of the most prolific composers for TV themes and scores in 1960s and 70s. He passed away yesterday at 88.

About his prolific career and love for composing, Hagen said, ” I was addicted to the ultimate narcosis in music, which is the rush you get when you give a downbeat and wonderful players breathe life into the notes you have put on paper.”

Sweeter words were never spoken. Here’s to you in Mr. Hagen.

And a one, and a two:

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I’ve come across some amazing links the past few days. Who would I be if I didn’t share these nuggets with the edubTV public? A jerk that’s who.

  • Thank you PEOPLE Magazine.com for making this bad-ass Gossip Girl vs. Golden Girls quiz. Do I feel like an idiot for getting half of them wrong? Perhaps. But who knew Blanche never flashed a bartender to get free drinks? I bet I could find that in a deleted scene or two.
  • NERD ALERT: Someone took the time to put every LOST flash-forward in chronological order. I watch this show every week and I cannot wait until it makes sense.
  • Like a compass pointing towards magnetic north I was pulled towards YouTube today and my fingers crisscrossed the keys as if guided by the hand of a higher power. Where did I land? Pepper Ann. I used to love this oft-forgotten Saturday morning ABC cartoon and today I realized just how similar I was to this mop-topped, spectacled awkward teen…still. I might make the theme song my ringtone. Too much?

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There…I said it.

I caught the first hour of American Gladiators tonight and it was pretty fun. Don’t confuse fun with amazing television, but it was a new way to spend the hour nonetheless.

I’ve made fun of the show in past but you have to commend the producers for doing their best to keep the format fresh. They introduce a new game every week and there are some new gladiators as well.

Speaking of, last year’s winner Evan is now a full-time gladiator and he plays the part well. Here is Evan, now known as Rocket, taking on a grocery store owner named Toby in Vertigo.

The commentary is awful and the competitors get pretty grating but for summer TV, American Gladiators does not disappoint.

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In between grilling copious amounts of brats and burgers, remembering our troops and taking naps outside, please note that Memorial Day also offers a great opportunity for TV watching.

Like the days leading up to Christmas, Memorial Day is rife with TV marathons. If you have an addictive personality, just need to catch up on some old favorites, or if you just have nothing else to do and hate the sun, today is just for you. Here’s what’s coming on:

  • TNT is showing 13 episodes of the original Law & Order today. With so many episodes at their disposal it would have made sense to have a theme for the episodes like “creepiest criminals,” “make-ups and break-ups,” etc. That was kind of a missed opportunity.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 takes over TLC today.
  • Oxygen is running back-t0-back episodes of Bad Girls Club this morning followed by Deion & Pillar: Prime Time Love this afternoon. I tell you this just so you can avoid that station at all costs today.
  • Animal Planet is running their popular advice show It’s Me Or The Dog. I always thought this show was truly an ultimatum and a boyfriend or girlfriend would have to decide between the dog and the partner. It’s really just Dog Whisperer with a second-hand Cesar Milan. My show would’ve been a lot more interesting.
  • In an odd choice, FX decided to run back-to-back episodes of That 70’s Show. Even if their original shows (Nip/Tuck, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) are too raunchy for daytime, they could’ve at least picked a good comedy, or maybe just some old movies.
  • MSNBC is running one of my favorite series’ Lock Up. Sidenote, my roommate and I were watching the show last night and at Kentucky State Pen, prisoners with good behavior can get moved to the minimum security house. The house has cable, a stocked fridge, a vegetable garden and it’s on the lake. Basically, it’s better than our apartment.
  • For those of you who like to kick it old school, BET is airing Diff’rent Strokes all day.
  • And in an odd twist, MTV is running back-to-back eps of American Gladiators. I’m not quite sure how or why.

So have a safe and happy Memorial Day. Don’t drink and drive, wear sunscreen, and avoid the Oxygen at all costs.

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Dick Martin of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In passed away at the age of 86.

Dan Rowan and Martin were a popular stand-up comedy duo in the 1950s and made several appearances on popular television shows before getting one of their own.

Laugh In was immensely popular and launched the careers of Lily Tomlin and Goldie Hawn. More than that, it set the stage for the golden age of TV comedy in the 1960s.

After Laugh In ended, Martin went on to be a successful television director, helming episodes of Family Ties and The Bob Newhart Show.

He was one of the last television living legends.

I told you we’re going to lose some good ones this year.

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John McCain’s been making his rounds on the fluffier talk shows lately. He shined on Regis And Kelly and the Daily Show but Ellen Degeneres gave him a run for his money on her show yesterday.

Finally! It’s about time McCain started getting worked up and challenged again. The Dems are still feeling the heat in every direction but since he’s the presumptive nominee, McCain’s been kind of worry free for awhile. No more buddy! Especially on an issue vital to so many people.

Watch Ellen go for the gusto below:

Ellen & Portia’s wedding is going to be gorgeous and star-studded. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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In the spirit of Flight of the Conchords, this fake Chrisitan folk group just got bumped on to the semi-finals on tonight’s Last Comic Standing season premiere.

They’re called God’s Pottery and they are pretty hilarious. I want them to go far because it’s high-time a musical comedian or two got in on the LCS fun.

Check out God’s Pottery below. Do they have what it takes?

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Ok, I just finished catchin’ my breath after what I thought was a pretty solid Grey’s Anatomy. Yang sprang out of her funk (finally), Meredith was her usual dramatic self, George is retaking the intern exam, and some stupid kid jumped into a pool of cement and almost died. Whew, a fun-filled two hours and what did I decide to blog about? The end of show lip locks. Go figure.

  • George and Lexie Grey–Who didn’t see this one coming? This potential romance had been building all season long and should make for an interesting storyline next year, especially since they’re living together.
  • Chief and his sassy wife–The writers have been hinting at a possible reconciliation for a few episodes, and it was good to see those two crazy kids back together. Only thing that creeps me out is the chief looks like my dad and his wife looks kinda like my mom, so lets keep the pillow talk scenes to minimum, I’m trying to keep my psych bills down.
  • Meredith and McDreamy–After 11 failed clinical trials, the 12th was the charm. They saved a life and in the process may have rekindled their relationship. Meredith and Derek shared a moonlight kiss amidst a sea of candles, that would have made any pre-teen girl shed at least a couple of tears. I’m sure they will break up atleast 7 times next season, but hey, I’m just loving the ride man.
  • Izzie and Karev–Whats the cure for your quasi girlfriend getting diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder? Ummmmm, oh yeah, begging a hot blond friend to make out with you. Not the classiest thing Karev has ever done, but neither is that beard he’s been sporting this season. I don’t see this going anywhere, but lets keep an eye on it.
  • And finally, the big one, you thought it might happen, but you and your other cubicle monkeys didn’t think the writers had the balls to do it. Well they did, Torres and Hahn totally kissed…with tongues. Yikes, I actually just cringed writing that. I thought this kiss was for pure shock value and maybe to freak out the red states a little bit. I can’t wait to see how they weave this one into the story line next year. The on call room just got a little more awkward.

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