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You Win 90210 Spin-Off

Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development fame) is playing the role of a wealthy, alcoholic, former soap star on the new 90210 spin-off.

This news is a gift and a curse:

Gift: I will watch anything Jessica Walter touches.

Curse: The show isn’t a comedy so it will be hard watching her work within the confines of a teen drama. It’s kind of like forcing a chef to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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I’m still watching tonight’s episode.

I have a couple things to say:

  • Why are people still voting for Jason Castro? If he’s still here next week, I’m through.
  • Apparently the folks over at Idol are contemplating how they can make the show better. My suggestion? More crazy Paula and less bad singing.
  • If David Cook can eek out an American Idol win, it will give this show the credibility it so desperately needs this season.

Back to suffering through the back end of tonight’s episode.

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Like Hulu But For Teen Girls In The Late ’90s

Since being swallowed up by the CW, few have uttered the phrase “WB” in awhile. That changed today when Warner Brothers premiered the long awaited web site aptly dubbed, theWB.com.

What’s out there? Oh just freestreaming episodes of The OC, Gilmore Girls, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, Smallville and more. The site will also house new original content from the WB.

Too good to be true? Unless you’re a beta tester, it is. But theWB.com will be up for the general public soon.

I hope they post those old 3 minute promos I used to love so much. I wanted to hang out with them sooooo bad!

Sleep with one eye open Hulu.

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I’m assuming Justin and Rebecca will date once it comes out that she’s not a Walker. However, in real life, wouldn’t that be too much to overcome? Would the Walker family really let that relationship happen? Though they’re cute together and the audience likes them as siblings, how will America take to them being a couple?

Just thinking out-loud and readying myself for the potential awkward television that will be their relationship.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome Back Everybody!

Tonight was my first busy night of television since before the Strike. ABC’s Thursday night line-up (Ugly Betty, Grey’s, Lost) premiered tonight and NBC tried out a new time-slot for 30 Rock. Both of these tidbits were great news for me, especially on the same night. The time slot switch made it possible for me to watch all of my shows in one sitting. It was like a new lane opening up on a busy highway.

Anyone else settle in for a night of superb comedies topped off by perplexing drama (thanks LOST)? It was really nice to have so many options again. Not only that, but the episodes were really well done. I’m officially back in the swing of things…

just in time for things with SAG to heat up. I won’t be able to take another strike. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.

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Best. Picture. Ever.

Thank you TV Addict for providing me with this giant photo of the 24 season 7 cast. Cue oggling.

The first things I noticed:

1. It’s nice Janeane Garofolo can turn shlubby on and off.
2. Where are the CTU agents/political figures of color?
3. Love the fact that Jack is the only one wearing jeans. You’d think he’d switch to tear-away pants by now for maximum flexibility.

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Hump Day Update

Why does so much good TV news happen just in time for the Hump Day update? The world may never know.

  • Aging, (literally) slap-happy, supermodel Naomi Campbell is doing a guest appearance during the season finale of Ugly Betty. I don’t know how they’ll write in all of the cast’s black eyes and broken arms into the episode. That’s what makes them professionals people.
  • In other diva-of-color news, Jennifer Lopez is working on a reality show with TLC. It’s going to focus on how she juggles mommy-hood with all of her business ventures. It will be like Jon & Kate Plus 8, except more like Jen & Marc Plus a 100 person staff and millions of dollars.
  • Orlando Brown, best-boy-friend to Raven on Disney’s popular That’s So Raven, went missing for just over a day. Apparently he left his manager’s house yesterday morning to make a quick 7-11 run. When he didn’t return, the search was on. Brown turned up today and said he just needed some time to himself. I think this is just a publicity stunt for his new album and Disney show. Too soon to say? Come on, no one else thought that? I bet half the people who read his name today thought Orlando Bloom went missing.

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Just a little bit on tonight’s American Idol results. Stop here if you want to remain spoiler free.

I only got the tail end of the show last night (about 30 seconds after Brooke started over). For the most part I was unimpressed with everyone’s performance but at least David Cook got to show off his pipes. Anyway, I assumed I must have missed the great performances. I watched all of the contestants online today and was officially saddened. Where was the excitement this week? So many great songs to pick from. So many genres, styles and above all, opportunity to shine. Everyone fell short.

That being said, some fell harder then others. It wasn’t Carly’s turn to go home tonight. Your days are numbered my dreadlocked friend. I’m not on the beach, I’m not high and I no longer appreciate your mellow sounds. And don’t think you’re immune either Syesha. You’re talented but if last night proved anything it’s that you belong in musical theater, not the top of the charts.

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A Kids Show Worth Trying

I’m up late watching Nick @ Nite and I just saw a commercial for a new Nicktoon called The Mighty B. 

It’s from the brains of funny-woman Amy Poehler, (Sidenote: Who else is going to see Baby Mama this weekend?) and Erik Weise (a writer for Spongebob Squarepants). It features the voice work of Kenan Thompson and Andy Richter.
The show centers around Bessie Higgenbottom, a spirited, over-achieving scout. She is on a quest to earn every badge and summons the strength, courage and will to do by tapping in to her imaginary alter–ego The Mighty B.  
It looks cute, creative and might even have some staying power. I’m only left thinking one thing; Poehler has a pretty solid movie career, she guest stars on other shows and now she’s holding the reigns on this one. What’s keeping her tied to SNL? I love that she’s still on, but what’s kept her from leaving when other cast members left with much less to go on?

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Montana Pens Memoir For Mucho Moola

Chew on this:

Pop Princess Miley Cyrus signed a seven-figure book deal today with the Disney Book group. That’s right, a 15-year-old entertainer who probably couldn’t pass the English AP test will earn at least a million dollars to composing her memoir. 
I’m sure the book will be a best-seller when it’s released in 2009 and the investment is well worth it for Disney. Plus it may be interesting to hear about this rising star’s hectic life, especially if she actually delves in to some of the challenges and misconceptions about fame. 
But still. Seven figures? Is anyone else a little sad their parents never enrolled them in voice lessons?

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CNN Goes Casual

I blog at night so you’ve probably heard this story 15 times today, but far be it from me to ignore the most hilarious tidbit in TV news today.

CNN.com is notorious for ridiculous headlines. It works for the web because it gets you to read the article, or even commit three minutes to a video (complete with advertisements).

But now the Cable News Network is getting wise and has decided to make a buck of their witty copy editing. When you logged on to CNN.com today you may have noticed small t-shirt icons next to some of the news stories. That’s right, if you got a small chuckle from the headline, you can put it on a shirt.

Some of today’s t-shirt worthy headlines included:

  • ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer pushes education
  • Law would penalize home
  • Weird fish leave sea, spawn on beach

I’m a big fan of novelty t-shirts but there are few news stories that warrant a permanent place i my wardrobe. Do you think CNN will do well this initiative? How long until they are the laughing stock of the online cable news community?

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