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Did You See The Tudors?

The highly anticipated second season of The Tudors premiered tonight. I was too busy fawning over John Adams, but I’m sure I’ll read about it tomorrow.

This may not be news to some of you, because the episode made its debut YouTube last week. The crazy monarchy sex parts were taken out but the gist was there. Showtime is hoping the tease will garner subscribers.

A better approach might have been to pre-screen the first 15 or 20 minutes on CBS, then direct people online, but who am I to judge?

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Food Network Star Giada De Laurentiis had a baby yesterday! I wish she named the baby Prosciutto instead of Jade. She totally gets a kick out of over enunciating Italian cheeses and meats.

Congrats Giada!

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Out of Town

Just in case the five of you were wondering where I was, fear not. I am out of town for the weekend and probably won’t be able to post until I get home on Sunday. I have so much to write about though and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Until then,


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Hump Day Update

I love TV, but a few things drove me a little nuts today about my favorite medium.

  • I’m watching Top Chef and while it’s nothing new, those little “coming up on Top Chef” clips are starting to drive me nuts. Trust that I will stay to watch and just go to the commercials. I don’t need any more Padma than absolutely necessary. I do love Andrew though. He dances on the border between funny and sociopathic.
  • American Idol **Spoiler Alert** – I am sad that Chikezie got voted off. He wasn’t a great singer but he seemed funny and I liked watching the few occasions when he shook things up.
  • One of my favorite game shows, Family Feud, is making the move to primetime NBC. I think it deserves a 21st century update but I don’t like that they’re fussing with the family aspect a bit. The show could feature celebrity kin or casts of NBC shows (Think 30 Rock vs. Heroes). I miss Ray Combs.

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Slater Wrote A Book?!

Not Slater so much as Mario Lopez. Everyone’s favorite game show host and resident Bayside stud recently co-authored a guidebook to sculpting the perfect body.

There’s no denying Mario has a great body, and he is the last of the Saved By The Bell set actually doing something. (No, I refuse to count Elizabeth Berkley, new Bravo show and all).

And apparently I’m only 6 weeks away from my best body ever. If I do his plan twice, won’t I be able to improve on my best body ever? It’s like an MC Escher painting.

Maybe I’m cynical. But I just got a little chuckle when I heard he wrote a book. Any thoughts on this people?

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Finally Some Hills I Can Get Behind

To celebrate the return of The Hills


The elderly Lauren looks like she could actually beat-up the twenty-something Lauren. There’s something about that that makes it even better.

Heavy.com via BestWeekEver

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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is…Instead of Food.

I didn’t want to watch I Can Make You Thin. I was hesitant to give my time to a show that looked like hokum. But tonight it came on and I couldn’t find the remote. The show’s exuberant host, Paul McKenna, sucked me in with his charm and dapper accent. What the hell, I could stand to lose some weight. I watched for the whole hour.

McKenna is a weight-loss guru bases in the UK. His book is amazingly popular and he lectures all around the globe. He has success stories by the barrel full. One of them was on the show tonight and her story was dripping with sincerity.

McKenna gave four golden rules for weight loss tonight. Nothing too groundbreaking.

1. When you’re hungry, go and eat
2. Eat what you want
3. Eat consciously
4. When you think you’re full stop.

And apparently he comes back every week with more tips and ideas. He spoke through the TV. He kept saying ” I’m speaking to you, at home, right now.” I was suckered in like a seven-year-old watching a magic show. I wrote down my weight loss homework assignments and I plan on completing the little challenges this week. The show is on for 5 weeks and McKenna claims that those five weeks can really change the way you think about food.

This is an interesting challenge for me. I plan on taking McKenna up on his challenge not only to see if it works but to put some faith in TV. There is a lot of bullshit on television and that’s saying it nicely. Is this guy legit or just out to sell books? I’m going to take five weeks and find out. You get to come with me.

As McKenna said, “What do you have to lose? You’re already overweight.”

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Hoppy Easter

My family isn’t very religious but we take part in the food and commercialism aspects of the big Christian holidays. Easter is one of my favorites because it’s all the food fun of Thanksgiving with better weather.

Anyway, Easter is also all about TV. (Though some may beg to differ.) Here are some of my favorite things on the tube this weekend:

  • The Ten Commandments – I love pre-wackjob Charlton Heston and watching the special effects that were way ahead of their time. Plus that pharoh has a crazy haircut and it makes me smile. The movie is a great way to kill five hours.
  • The Sound of Music – This movie is associated with most holidays which is convenient for Von Trapp Fanatics like myself. My mother and I watch it whenever it comes on. We sing the songs, we yell at the Nazis, we wonder how six people could operate so many puppets at once. Another great way to kill five hours.
  • The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown: Not as great as the Christmas special, but better than Halloween. This oft-forgotten Peanuts movie is nothing short of charming.

So Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. To those who don’t: have a super Sunday.

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A Return To Normalcy

Entertainment Weekly posted this handy guide to what’s coming up on your favorite shows.

I’d forgotten how many TV shows I was following pre-strike until I looked at the guide and realized I was involved in the first seven or eight programs.

It’s going to be a busy spring.

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Things I Almost Forgot About: Rock N Jock

I’m watching the Badger game right now. Basketball is kind of hard to watch but it gets a little easier if your team is winning. I digress.

I’m watching the game with my buddy Joe. He’s a red-blooded American twenty-something whose never heard of Rock-N-Jock sports, a mainstay on MTV in the 1990s. I was in shock. Who doesn’t remember Bill Bellamy, Rebecca Gayheart, Dean Cain and other Z-List celebs hitting the basketball court, baseball field and even the bowling alley.

The competitions were all in good fun and provided hours, and I mean hours, possibly days of content for the then teenage MTV.

I tried hard to find some footage on YouTube but it was near impossible. (Maybe Joe was on to something.) But I did find this clip of Marky Mark performing at the halftime show. The whole thing was quite a spectacle.

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Barking Bling

Zoe, beloved dog of fashion mogul and Life In The Fab Lane star Kimora Lee Simmons, died recently. It’s awful to lose a pet but Kimora is turning lemons into lemonade…or rather diamonds.

She told People magazine:

“There is a company that makes diamonds out of your loved ones,” she said. “[They] make diamonds from a little of the carbon from the ash, so I might do that. I might turn her into a diamond.”

I knew these companies existed but hearing about someone actually using their services kind of weirds me out. But a diamond is definitely not as disturbing as this.

Those are almost “unbearable.” Pun intended.

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Martha Hits 500

Apparently Martha Stewart celebrated the 500th episode of her talk show today.

I actually caught an episode of Martha this week, (Spring Break makes you do crazy things), and it wasn’t half bad. Martha still seemed up tight and judgmental while making paper orchids with Lucy Liu. Then she made stuffed grape leaves and lined them up just so in the pan with fresh lemon slices. Her perfection drove me nuts, and yet I’ve never wanted a stuffed grape leaf more in my life.

How does she do it? I guess I have 500 back episodes to catch if I want to find out.

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