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Who Likes Padma That Much?

On my way into work this morning a car in front of me had a vanity plate that said:


Now this can mean a number of things.

  • Either Harold, Ilan or Hung had taken residence in Nashville
  • The best chefs on the show, Sam and Trey, decided to have a personal victory and get a personalized plate
  • There was a super-fan in my midst

I bobbed and weaved to get closer and inspect the bumper stickers. They had some from the Young Chefs Academy and one for a local mayoral candidate. My guess is they’re just a moderately creative chef.

But the whole thing got me to thinking. What shows do I love enough to permanently stick to the back of my car. I have a vanity plate and deciding what to pick was difficult because you know people are constantly trying to judge you/ decipher it from behind.

I think my only options would be odes to 24 and The Office.


Because honestly, is there anything else on TV worth getting rear ended for?

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if the Writers Strike doesn’t end soon:

30 Rock.

Tonight’s episode made that pretty much official. There’s nothing I enjoy more than shows about awkward women dating hot guys, studio heads running baseball teams, allusions to the Iraq war, and Vili Fualaau jokes. I usually don’t watch 30 Rock on its first-run because I’m a converted Ugly Betty fan. But thanks to a re-run, I got reacquainted with all of my favorites.

Frank (Judah Friedlander) was exceptionally “on” tonight. I don’t usually find his character too funny, but his challenge to traditional sex roles was hilarious. Why can’t two straight dudes enjoy each other’s bodies? Quote of the night.

Cross your fingers these deals are working. The WGA comes back to the table next week. In a perfect world, 30 Rock wouldn’t be interrupted. I’m just hoping the void doesn’t last too long.

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Hump Day Updates

  • Kathy Griffin has a new stand-up special on Bravo tomorrow. I saw her perform here in Nashville a few months ago and it was the best night I’ve had here. If her new show Straight to Hell,is half as good, then I will probably pee my pants from laughing…twice. Plus, she’ll probably talk about Jesus-Gate!

  • Diane Sawyer interviewed the Dilleys on Good Morning America today. Remember them? They’re America’s first surviving set of sextuplets or sixlets…not to be confused with the delicious chocolate candy. The Dilleys are 14 now and they have shaggy hair. My gaydar was totally off though. The little boy who loved Pocahontas, and ballroom dancing competitions is now a little more straight-laced so to speak. There’s always college.

  • The Sci-Fi Channel is putting a new spin on the Wizard of Oz with their mini-series Tin Man. It kind of plays on the dark and morbid aspects of the original, plus it’s a bit futuristic. For example, OZ is an acronym now for Outer Zone. Trippy huh? If that isn’t enough it stars Zooey Deschanel (Elf, All The Real Girls) and Alan Cumming, two of my favorites. Tin Man starts on Sunday.

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High School Musical 3 is ditching the small screen and being released as a full-length feature next year.

Zac Efron, (who has shinier hair than 90% of the girls I know), is reportedly earning 3Million for this one. 3 Mil? And that’s just on the front end. If this thing does well (and there’s no doubt it will) then this kid could be one lucky/wealthy dude.

Supposedly the plot of HSM3 revolves around the senior prom. Uh Oh! We all know what happens at the prom. Maybe Vanessa Hudgens, was just doing some method acting for her scenes.

Too soon for that one?

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Someone finally asked the Presidential candidates the tough questions…TV Guide.

They surveyed the hopefuls to see what they’re watching and what their favorites are. The article hits newsstands on Thursday but thanks to the Drudge Report you can see it now.

My favorite response? John McCain! The old coot picked Prison Break. The Hanoi Hilton is his 9/11. Like Giuliani, he mentions it at every opportunity. It’s almost adorable that he managed to work it in here.

And in a relatively shocking selection, Hillary Clinton mentioned home makeover shows, Grey’s, and Dancing With The Stars among others. Frankly, I don’t see it. Could this be a strategic move to constantly attract the lady vote? I would have taken her for a 30 Rock or Mythbusters fan. Something with less drama, more cut and dry.

You know who they didn’t mention? Mike Gravel. I bet he’d pick Survivorman, then spend half an hour telling you how he could’ve done it better.

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News You Can Use

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is presenting a week-long special on Black Women. The series (creatively titled) “African – American Women: Where They Stand,” started yesterday and runs through Friday on the air and through Saturday online.

The installments cover:

  • Education
  • Friendships
  • Heart Disease
  • Interracial Relationships
  • The Election

I caught tonight’s installment on breast cancer. It was brief but covered a lot of stuff I never knew. And the information isn’t just pertinent to women of color. There is a lot to be learned on womens health and societal issues. NBC is also keeping it interactive with additional features only available online.

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An Open Letter To The Hip-Hop Community

Dear Rappers, Moguls, Singers, Back-Up Dancers, Posse Members and Mr. West,

Your music may be popular. Your clothes may premiere at fashion shows and boutiques around the world. You may even have a music video that cuts through the clutter on MTV and gets airplay. However, there is one fragment of media and pop culture that you need to stay away from: family reality shows.

MTV did it with Run’s House. Then Coolio decided to get in on the act with the horrible at best show Coolio & The Gang. Now Snoop Dogg is staking his claim with Dogg Father, on E!

I get it, I really do. You re-brand yourself as a chill, laid-back family man. You have a few laughs, console a few children and you open yourself up to an entire new demographic. But this is more than we can bear. These programs make you look oafish and they come off as contrived and insincere.

Plus, it’s kind of a red flag that your music career is slipping. Think of one musician whose reality show has lead to better music. Nick Lachey? Nope. Ashley Parker Angel? Who? Ozzy Osbourne? Half-dead.

Coolio & Rev Run may be done for, but you’ve got a new album to consider Snoop. For the sake of your work, your family and your fans, just say no. It may not have worked with the pot, but this far more detrimental.

And to the rest of you: dinkin flicka!

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